A Critical Error Has Been Spotted At The Last Moment In This Altcoin: Are Funds Safe?

not long ago Ripple (XRP) an altcoin that is airdropped to its holders flare network (FLR), According to the developers’ statement, it survived a major bug in the ecosystem without any damage.

Trouble Distributing FTSO Rewards Due to Flare Network (FLR) Network Error

However, due to the bug originating from the FTSO Reward Manager, it has been reported that users who have not claimed the token rewards on the FTSO are no longer able to receive these rewards.

Flare Network altcoin developers made the announcement about the development from their official accounts as follows:

“A bug was found in the FTSO Award Manager contract on Flare. The error was not abused. This contract is now deactivated and a new contract is activated. Unclaimed rewards from previous FTSO periods can no longer be claimed.”

FTSO, cryptocurrency is Flare’s native oracle used for time series data such as prices. It provides rapidly updated and highly decentralized data to applications on the Flare network.

However, many users have reported complaints that their rewards are no longer available.

The Flare Network (FLR) airdrop was recently launched for investors holding XRP tokens on exchanges or in their wallets. Working on the Ripple network, the FLR nevertheless came under criticism from Ripple CTO David Schwartz.

FTSO collects off-chain time series data without relying on a central entity to move the data on-chain. The FTSO’s price data can then be used by decentralized applications built on top of Flare, such as lending protocols.

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