A Broadcaster Played Elden Rings Using Brain Signals

Twitch streamer Perri Karyal was able to play Elden Ring using only brain signals using an EEG.

Winner of the “Game of the Year” award in 2022, Elden Ring is an extremely successful soulslike game. too hard for some players. While it is difficult to play the game with a keyboard mouse or controller, some players they use unconventional methods.

Canadian Twitch publisher Perri Karyal is also one of the players who play the game in the most extraordinary way. Likewise, using an EEG, he simply “played the game”.by the power of thought“He can play.

So how did Perri achieve this?

Although he is a full-time Twitch streamer and is also in his 20s Master’s in Psychology successful publisher, a long-time publication electroencephalogram Using EEG, he shared his brain’s electrical responses to games with his audience. However, Perri Karyal will take this a step further by using brain signals from EEG. he started doing certain movements in the game just by thinking.

In order to do this, Karyal connects the EEG to a special computer program and assigns electromagnetic signals that appear with certain thoughts to certain commands in the game. In this way, Karyal can heal or attack his character in the game just by thinking. But of course Perri’s Elden Ring it is not possible to play from start to finish just by thinking. Because for the EEG to detect certain electromagnetic signals, Perri needs to focus for at least a few seconds. That’s why the famous publisher He doesn’t use this technique very often.. However, this way of playing Perri had a great impact on both social media and Twitch. Even Bandai Namco, the maker of Elden Ring, captioned a video of the publisher on Twitter, “So what and how?” he asked.

Actually you can do this too

EEG, whose main purpose is to measure electromagnetic signals in the brain, is generally used in hospitals and medical clinics. However, anyone who wishes can have an EEG. lowest price in the USA from $1000 (approximately 18,810 TL) to use these devices is not as easy as you think. First of all, you need to make sure that the EEG can scan your brain correctly. Next, you need to learn to focus your brain signals on specific commands so the EEG can detect them.


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This success of Perri reveals that it is possible to play games with the power of thought even today. And many players will use technology very similar to the one Perri uses in the near future. All games can be played without the need for a controller or keyboard. is thinking.

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