9 Useful Accounts to Follow on TikTok

TikTok, which has a great impact on the increase in the use of social media, also contains accounts to follow, although it is prejudiced by many people.

TikTok is generally prepared with background music and filters. short videos posted a social media platform. Moreover It is an application that is frequently used by those who want to spend time on the phone because it has features such as the ability to open a live broadcast.

TikTok, as a platform that everyone who uses social media more or less knows, and watches their videos from somewhere; It can create a new trend every day. Even the music used in the videos can become a trend. We scanned TikTok for you, which contains a huge mess and may be useful We compiled the content producers.

9 Useful Accounts to Follow on TikTok

An artist who creates masterpieces with miniature sculptures: Salavat Fidai

  • Username: @salavat.fidai
  • Number of followers: 12.8 million
  • Number of likes: 258.2 million

Salavat Fidai is a Russian-born sculptor. The feature that distinguishes him from his other colleagues is that he makes works of art on objects that are difficult to embroider. Fidai continued his career as a lawyer for more than 25 years after the economic crisis that started in Russia. He decided to continue as a full-time artist.

For a while focused on still life works on the path of digital photography. If later to miniature art His interest increased and he started making miniature paintings on things that were very difficult to process, such as pumpkin seeds and rice grains. But at the end of this whole process, he found a new way to become known even on a medium like TikTok: Pencil tips.

Fidai has a very fragile structure for pencil tips, as a result of their labor, which sometimes takes hours, sometimes days. micro sculptures manages to get it out. His activeness in social media also helps the artist, whose micro sculptures are exhibited in art museums around the world, to become known.

For those who want to learn sign language: Aleyna Kılıç

aleyna sword

  • Username: @aleykilic
  • Number of followers: 82 thousand
  • Number of likes: 1.6 million

Although his new videos are a little more about dance or chat entertainment, the first videos he entered on TikTok were, with the use of sign language it was about Aleyna Kılıç, who shoots videos on how to show the main words and sentence patterns we use in our daily lives in sign language, sometimes also shoots videos that teach the use of sign language from her own life or her favorite lyrics.

For those who want to know bacteria better: Pinky Pearly


  • Username: @pinkypearly
  • Number of followers: 58.4 thousand
  • Number of likes: 885.8 million

Deniz Periz, a microbiologist researcher and making videos on TikTok under the name Pinky Pearly, which is compatible with her colored hair; is working with experiments in the laboratory. managed to reach a high number of likes. Pinky Pearly, which measures the bacterial levels of many things we see around us, from the refrigerator to marula, from the scalp to the dish sponge, also examines products that are thought to be antibacterial. Pinky Pearly, which can attract the attention of even people who do not know about microbiology thanks to its entertaining narration, is one of the accounts worth following on TikTok.

“Why?” The answers we seek to the questions: The Tree of Evolution


  • Username: @evrimagaci
  • Number of followers: 360.5k
  • Number of likes: 4.6 million

‘Conquer the darkness with science!’ Established by METU Biology and Genetics Club members in 2010 with the slogan of Evolution Tree, it is a very popular science platform. Based on scientific articles Apart from the sites they actively share with, they use most social media platforms, including TikTok. On their TikTok accounts, on the other hand, they seek answers to questions that come to our minds in daily life, but we do not know the answer to, with short and interesting videos.

An account that can help you improve your English: English in 1 Minute


An account that allows you to learn idioms, sentence patterns and words used in daily life with short videos, For those who want to improve their English among the ones to follow.

For those who want to learn creative shooting techniques: Jordi Koalitic


  • Username: @jordi.koalitic
  • Number of followers: 19.6 million
  • Number of likes: 369.1 million

The creative photographer and videographer of Spanish descent, Jordi Koalitic, is an artist whose stunning shots easily go viral. Thanks to his successful works, Jordi Koalitic, who works with world-class brands such as Mercedes Benz, Nikon, Pepsi, has managed to gain a large audience on TikTok. Creative shooting techniques continues to grow its audience by presenting it to its followers as short videos.

On the stop-motion animation production process: Ben Treat

i treat

  • Username: @franticframes
  • Number of followers: 1.5 million
  • Number of likes: 38.6 million

Despite his young age stop motion animation Ben Treat, who has been very successful in his business; He is an animator who collaborates with big companies around the world such as Amazon, Netflix, Warner Music. Ben Treat is an artist who would rather pursue a career in creative work than study. Ben Treat, who shares very entertaining videos about the animation process on TikTok, manages to attract the attention of a large audience.

An account that increases your imagination and creativity: Nursema


  • Username: @nnursema
  • Number of followers: 19.2 million
  • Number of likes: 411.7 million

Nursema, drawing, painting It is an account that makes videos that are enjoyable enough to attract the attention of even those who are not interested in things like. Although not included in TikTok streams, it has become a phenomenon by reaching high likes and followers. Nursema, which has a large audience on YouTube as well as TikTok, actively uses both platforms. your imagination and if you want to increase your creativity, it is one of the rare accounts to follow on TikTok.

Photoshop tactics: Rizvanov


  • Username: @rizvanov
  • Number of followers: 468.5 thousand
  • Number of likes: 5.6 million

The account with a large audience on TikTok, photoshop He shares most of the things that can be done with his programs, accompanied by short and interesting videos.

Bonus – The most entertaining and friendly form of technology: Webtekno

  • Username: @webtekno
  • Number of followers: 36.4 thousand
  • Number of likes: 245.5 thousand

As Webtekno; In our TikTok account, from unboxing of curious phones to challenge games, from lines to send friends to Netflix secret codes. wide range of content we share. We continue to add color to TikTok by sharing videos that can answer strange questions in the field of technology.


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