9 Legendary Facebook Games We Can’t Forget

Facebook once captured the game world for a long time and made us all love the platform with its interesting games. Let’s take a look back at those days together.

In the past weeks, From 10 nostalgic browser games We have come across with a content consisting of content and we have taken a look at these simple but extremely entertaining games that we played in the old days.

Now it’s the one that once almost completely took over the gaming world. Facebook’s peak times we will be back. So, let’s start our Facebook adventure, which includes many legendary productions, including classics such as Candy Crush and Angry Birds.

Unforgettable Facebook games

Farmville, which we once built a farm with tens of hours of work, continues its current activities as a mobile game.

Farmville, one of the most popular of the Facebook games, looks like a simple farm game in appearance, but it is in it. great competition also contained. At that time, many of our acquaintances, including our family and friends, were using Facebook and were actively playing Farmville. We were able to visit each other’s farm and we had a big race within ourselves to make our own farm the most advanced farm.

Social Empires, which taught us how to manage a huge empire even in those days, is one of the productions that we regret the most that it was completely closed.

Developed by Socialpoint, Social Empires is sure to one of the favorite nostalgic productions of many actors is one. Social Empires, which we built a huge empire from scratch, defended and continuously expanded our borders with the diversity in the game, unfortunately, was completely closed and deleted years ago.

Social Wars, which was produced by Gene Socialpoint, took the experience offered to a whole new level.

Unlike Social Empires, which took us to the Middle Ages, Social Wars, a game about the future, allowed us to control even huge venues. The production, which is at least as wide a game as Social Empires, is unfortunately taken by Take Two Interactive. After buying Socialpoint He said goodbye to broadcasting life with Social Empires due to licensing problems.

Sanatika, which some of us left years ago and some of us still play occasionally, was once a favorite of Facebook.

Sanatika, a game where we create characters, do missions and meet other people in a virtual world, It has a very important place for us Turkish players. we can say. Today, although there is no trace of its former popularity and entertainment, it is still possible to have a pleasant time.

Criminal Case, which turned each of us into a master detective, was one of the most popular works of the period.

While searching for clues, we try to solve mysterious murders through the information presented to us and the crime scene. we’ve blown our minds too much Criminal Case was one of the games we often sent notifications to our friends on Facebook.

Dragon City, which ceased to be a Facebook game in a short time and took its place on our phones, was another unforgettable experience.

Although we do not want to write its name in the title for the third time, Dragon City is also a game developed by Socialpoint. When we look back after decades, we now better understand the importance and impact of Socialpoint in these good times. Build our own city, raise our dragons and face challenging enemies on certain journeys. on a turn-based basis Dragon City, which we fought in, was a very successful production both socially and strategically.

Angry Birds, one of the rare games that has survived since then, is still very popular.

Angry Birds, which has been in our lives for decades, was once played on Facebook. The production, which attracted everyone’s attention when it first came out, is now popular. quite popular.

King’s indispensable game Candy Crush has been gaining fame since then.

even today More than 240 million monthly active players Candy Crush is still one of the most popular productions in the world despite all these years.

Finally, let’s not forget Empires & Allies, one of Zynga’s unforgettable strategy games.

With its battles, the management style it offers and many fun elements in the gameplay. Empires & Allies that has a place in our heartsAlthough it is not very playable today, it is one of the productions that we will always remember in the best way.


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