9 Important News For Cardano and MATIC!

Cardano and Polygon are two of the top blockchain technologies available today. In this article, let’s take a look at the best partnerships, platform launches and top winners from the Cardano and Polygon ecosystems.

Latest updates in Cardano ecosystem from the first week of August

Swiss Bank supports Cardano staking

According to a blog post published on August 2, Sygnum Bank now supports Cardano (ADA) staking. Users can now stake ADA to receive staking rewards using existing cryptocurrency wallets.

Charles Hoskinson explains why there was a delay in Vasil’s hard fork

The Vasil update was supposed to be released at the end of June. However, fears about Terra required further testing. The Cardano team later extended the deadline until the end of July. Charles Hoskinson says he doesn’t expect any more delays unless a new problem arises. He also claimed that the latest upgrade was a bit more difficult than planned. As a result of their being extremely late on the production line, some issues have taken the developers by surprise. The team had to take a different route, which caused additional delays.

The first blockchain-powered apparel brand on Cardano

Cardano has opted for a new apparel brand called Origin Thread to provide blockchain-powered apparel. The idea is to ensure that customers receive high-quality, authentic clothing from manufacturers. According to the information received, the products will be sewn in England and hand-printed in India using a traditional craft process. Origin Thread will only make 60 of the shirts. 35 out of 60 shirts were reserved for ORIGIN token holders. The remaining 25 will be open to the public.

7.5 million transactions since launch of Cardano’s EVM sidechain

A total of 7,485,720 transactions took place this month, following the game launch scheduled in August. In addition, the number of wallets reached 96,026. The data comes from Nico Arquero, CEO of dcSpark.

Cardano is now compatible with 2500 gaming platforms

According to a recent announcement, Cardano is now compatible with Ready Player Me. It is Metaverse’s primary avatar platform, used in over 2,500 games and apps. Pavia, Cardano’s first metaverse, will use Ready Player Me technology for its 3D avatars.

Polygon (MATIC) news

Polygon Studios partnership with Pokeraces

Polygon Studios has recently revealed details of a strategic partnership with Pokeraces. According to reports, the partnership will help renew how online poker is played. Polygon Studios is also known for providing much-needed support for upcoming web 3 (metaverse) projects. Pokeraces, on the other hand, is a unique online poker game that combines the benefits of both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and NFTs.

Polygon attends Korea Blockchain Week (KBW 2022)

Polygon (MATIC) has announced that it will also sponsor the Korean blockchain week. The 7-day event will start on August 7, 2022 and will run until August 14, 2022. It is also the largest Blockchain event in Asia and will attract around 30,000 attendees.

Streaming on the Acentric Polygon network

The decentralized data platform Acentrik is now live on the Polygon network. Launching on the Polygon mainnet especially ensures that transactions are cost-effective, fast and secure.

Top earners on the Polygon network

Here are some of the top earners on Polygon in 24 hours as of August 3, 2022:

  • Lido Finance – Multi chain liquid staking platform records a 21.2% price performance increase
  • Synthetix – Derivative platform also increased by 15.1%
  • Curve Finance – Achieved an 11.6% price performance increase on the on-chain liquidity platform
  • API3 – Web3 API grew 11.1% in Economy DAO
  • Mask Network also grew by 9.7%

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