9 Features of the Mercedes S600 Guard

The Mercedes S600 Guard, which has made a name for itself as one of the new office vehicles of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reveals the latest point of car technology today. Let’s take a closer look at the price, features and other prominent details of the President’s new official vehicle, the Mercedes S600 Guard.

According to the news in the national press last week, the new Presidential vehicle has joined the fleet. Mercedes S600 Guard, It clearly reveals the point that automotive technology has reached today. We are used to heads of state using special armored vehicles, but It would be a shame to call the Mercedes S600 Guard just an armored vehicle.

It may look ordinary from the outside, but this tool is both very powerful and very clever. It has specially developed protection systems for all undesirable scenarios and autonomous intelligence to run these systems. of the Mercedes S600 Guard price and features let’s take a closer look.

Highlights of the Mercedes S600 Guard:

  • High engine power.
  • Tires that keep going even if they’re flat.
  • Clean air system against gas attacks.
  • The thickest car windows ever made.
  • Reinforced base coat.
  • 360 degree full body protection.
  • Holes that close automatically when attacked.
  • Advanced technical system.
  • The price of the Mercedes S600 Guard is astonishing.

High engine power:

Those who know know; anyway, Mercedes is developing an engine system that will take itself one step further in every new model of the S series. The latest model of the S series, the Mercedes S600 Guard, has a 6.0-liter 523bhp V12 twin-turbo engine. produced by the engine torque is 612lb ft. It seems impossible to carry such a powerful vehicle with a lower engine power anyway.

Tires that keep going even if they’re flat:

Mercedes S600 Guard

Tires, which are the sensitive points of armored vehicles, have undergone a special development process that has not been ignored in the Mercedes S600 Guard model. Michelin brand tires much thicker than any tire we know Not only are they equipped with steel rings. Thanks to the Proceed On Function run-flat technology, the vehicle can continue on its way even if the tires break. Any known bullet does not easily damage these tires.

Clean air system against gas attacks:

Mercedes S600 Guard

Of course, Mercedes S600 Guard vehicles are not designed for daily use, but for the use of important people, and therefore all possible attack possibilities are taken into account. During any poison gas attack, the vehicle is completely shut down, but still in the luggage compartment in case gas enters. a special tank to pump clean air into the vehicle exists. A gun safe to store the weapons that may be required for the security guards is one of the equipment of the vehicle.

The thickest car windows ever made:

Mercedes S600 Guard

Even normal vehicle windows already have a special structure against the possibility of an accident, while the Mercedes S series has double-layered glass. This is the Mercedes S600 Guard It is several times thicker than even double-layered special glass. So much so that the power of the mechanism used in standard glasses is not enough for these glasses, so each glass has a special hydraulic system. The glasses cannot be easily broken by any known bullet and when closed, they prevent any gas from leaking inside.

Reinforced base coat:

Mercedes S600 Guard

Armored vehicle bases were also neglected and under-reinforced points for many years. In the Mercedes S600 Guard model, you can see that a special time is spent for floor protection. The floor of the vehicle is even stronger than the body protection. Thus, the vehicle even if a bomb explodes underneath It can continue on its way without any problems by shaking it slightly.

360 degree full body protection:

Mercedes S600 Guard

Of course, the indispensable point of such a vehicle is body protection. Mercedes S600 Guard model, with a special steel placed between the structure and the outer cladding. strengthened. So much so that it has a structure that does not splash even a splinter in or out during an attack. It is even resistant to the rapid firing of the M60 machine gun using 7.62mm bullets or 51mm bullets.

The entire structure of the vehicle was inspected by the German Federal Criminal Investigation Office. At the end of the inspection, the vehicle received VR10 certification and exceeded the ERV 2010 rating. This means that the windows are protected against all types of bullets and the vehicle’s even resistant to rocket-propelled grenades it is. In other words, we can say that it is a more stylish version of the tank.

Holes that automatically close in the event of an attack:

Mercedes S600 Guard

The person driving this vehicle will not be under constant attack, so there is no reinforced full-body protection at the so-called punctures of the vehicle, such as the gas tank. But there is something better. The vehicle is equipped with a special technology that closes all the holes in the vehicle when it receives any impact. With material that closes the holes Same material used in Boeing AH-64 Apache tank attack helicopters. If we say that it is a protection, you can better understand what kind of protection we are talking about.

Advanced technical system:

Mercedes S600 Guard

We said that thanks to the On Function run-flat technology, the vehicle continues on its way even if its tires are torn. In addition, it has heated windows, fire extinguishing system, blackout curtains. With a seven-speed automatic semi-autonomous driving and one of the vehicle’s outstanding technical features. In addition, all the features mentioned in the above titles are realized with the autonomous structure of the vehicle. In other words, as soon as the vehicle realizes that it is under attack, it activates all protection procedures itself.

Mercedes S600 Guard astonishing price:

Mercedes S600 Guard

Just like the purchase of the new office vehicle, we learn the Turkish price of the Mercedes S600 Guard model from CHP deputy Deniz Yavuzyılmaz’s post. The selling price of the vehicle is 474.950 Euros. If we calculate the average exchange rate and add 220% SCT and 18% VAT, the vehicle’s price in Turkey reaches 35,879,432 Turkish Liras. well almost 36 million pounds we can say.

The new vehicle of the presidential vehicle fleet Mercedes S600 Guard model We talked about its price and advanced features. You can share your thoughts about this powerful and powerful as well as intelligent tool in the comments.