880 Billion TL Budget Proposal Presented to the Parliament

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan presented an additional appropriation proposal of 880 billion TL due to price increases at the parliamentary meeting held today.

Recently, there has been an incredible price increase in all platforms and all products, especially in basic food shopping. many of us are really struggling. Although various solutions are offered by the authorities, price increases are not ceased at the moment.

Due to these increased prices, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan presented a new proposal at the Turkish Grand National Assembly meeting held today. Under this proposal, the total increasing the amount of the budget was offered.

Erdogan submitted 880 billion TL budget proposal to parliament

In his speech in the parliament, President Erdoğan proposed to increase the budget proposal in order to transfer resources to institutions such as BOTAŞ, since the increases in natural gas and electricity prices are not reflected to the citizens.

Within the scope of the proposal, 817,271,632,000 TL for the budgetary arrangements of the administrations included in the budget and 63,203,143,000 TL for the budgetary arrangements of the special budget administrations. total 880,474.775,000 TL additional allowance will be added.


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Erdogan says in his speech: Reminding that “TL 1,750,957,322,000 was allocated”, he reminded, “However, as a result of the economic and geopolitical developments in the world and in our country, significant increases have occurred in the general price level, and therefore, the need for an increase in budget appropriations has arisen.

In order to meet the appropriation needs, it is proposed to add an appropriation of 1,080,515,421,000 Turkish liras in total, including the appropriation additions made to the budgets of public administrations within the scope of the central government, including the economic codes of personnel expenditures and state premium expenditures to the Social Security Institution.

So how will the additional allowances affect us?

As you know, there have been price increases in many places due to the bad course of the economy, including what the government provides from the budget. The reason for making this budget proposal is that the price increases in the market do not hurt the citizens’ pockets. If the additional budget proposal is accepted, this Institutional budgets will increase and by making budget increases, as you can find in Erdogan’s statement below. prices will be lowered.

“The need for additional allowances; resource transfers to BOTAŞ in order not to reflect the cost increases in natural gas and electricity prices to our citizens, increases in the salaries and wages of public officials due to inflation, increases in pensions, health premium payments of citizens without social security, employer premium incentives. Budget transfers to the Social Security Institution such as payments, electricity, fuel and fuel purchases of public administrations, bussed education, free textbooks, support education expenses of individuals with disabilities receiving education in special education and rehabilitation centers and special education schools, and appropriation needs of defense and security institutions. Increases in the purchase of goods and services, expenses related to family medicine services due to the increase in the civil servant salary coefficient, home care support for the disabled, and increases in the pensions of the elderly over 65 years of age in need of care and disabled citizens, primary and secondary scholarships and allowances given to education students, increases in scholarship and education expenses of students sent abroad, increases in social aid expenses, state contribution payments to be paid for the salaries of candidate apprentices and apprentices and students who receive vocational training in enterprises, who continue their internship or supplementary education, to our farmers who produce cereals. additional input cost support paid, increases in membership fees and contribution payments to be made to international organizations due to the increase in exchange rates, increases in assignment expenses made to TMO and other SEEs assignment expenses in order not to reflect the increase in grain prices to consumers, increases in capital expenses due to cost increases, especially Elazığ, It is due to the construction costs of disaster houses, especially those built in Malatya, Adıyaman and İzmir, and the expenses made to cover other disaster losses, as well as the increases in interest and other expenses.

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