7th Anniversary Special Events from Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile, one of the most popular games in the mobile world, organizes many events special for the 7th anniversary of the iPhone 14 Pro Max and a prize of 10 thousand dollars.

Not falling from the list of the most popular mobile games in the world for 5 years Lords Mobilecelebrates its seventh birthday. The strategy-MMO game, actively played by millions of players, carries out a series of events special for its seventh year.

In addition to the events that will last until March 9, the players will also encounter a big surprise. The guilds that managed to enter the top 50 in the Guild Festival rankings within the scope of this year’s Global Festival, are located in metropolitan cities such as New York, Dubai, Mexico, Ho Chi Minh, Tokyo and Seoul. to digital billboards placed.

Lords Mobile 7th anniversary short film:

Lords Mobile 7th anniversary events and giveaways:

In the Memories of the Lords event held for the anniversary, players will share the experiences of both the game and themselves to date. highlights and achievements they can remember.

In the Path of Challenge mini-event, players will be given daily quests. As these tasks are completed, points will be collected and 3 chests full of prizes opportunity to open.

In the Anniversary Puzzle event, players will receive random puzzle pieces by completing various missions. Those who complete the puzzle, special Anniversary Gift will win.

At the end of the Anniversary Puzzle event, it will be determined from players who have completed at least one puzzle 7 lucky peoplewill have a chance to win the special Anniversary Gift Pack consisting of a Brass Figure Set, an Oath Taker figure, an Eternal Leader figure and an exclusive Lords Mobile plaque.

Players returning to the game also have a chance to win the iPhone 14 Pro Max

lords mobile

Lord Mobile will also hold a special event for its former or players who are taking a break from the game. Players who managed to call back their friends who took a break from the game as part of the Homecoming of the Lords event, iPhone 14 Pro Max with 256GB storage chance to win will achieve.

By invitation to the game to returning former players Some gifts will be offered. Returning players will be able to get their rewards by creating a new kingdom on a newly created account and linking the account they created.

Even the iPhone 14 Pro Max falls short: A player will receive a gift of 10 thousand dollars worth of purchases

lords mobile

The player who achieved the highest level in the Excitement of Research event, another of the Anniversary events, 10 thousand dollar purchase will win.

In addition to all these events, many events including daily login rewards, blessings, World Boss Hunt event and bonus guild quests will be included in the 7th anniversary celebrations.

You can download Lords Mobile from Google Play Store, App Store or Steam. You can also follow Lords Mobile’s social media accounts here to participate in the 7th Anniversary Global Fan Meeting Event. You can click on this link for detailed information about the events.

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