6.5 Million Dollars Investment in Polkadot Based t3rn

t3rn, one of the Polkadot-based protocols, received $6.5 million in funding thanks to its investment tour.

t3rn using Polkadot’s infrastructure in 2020 facilitating cross-blockchain transactions started offering services.

According to the statement made by t3rn, names such as Polychain Capital, Huobi Ventures, Figment Capital, Blockchange Ventures, Lemniscap are among the names that provide funding for the protocol.

Today in development as parachain t3rn in the near future rollout on mainnet Waiting.

According to the statement made by the project management, t3rn, Ethereum Virtual Machine, Solidity and Ink It will provide support for languages ​​such as

According to t3rn’s CSO Jacob Kowalewski, the protocol’s to be ready for use in the first quarter of next year is planned.

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