53.6 million equity: FC Augsburg has paid off its stadium | Sports

New man, new sounds!

For the first time, the general assembly of FC Augsburg took place under the leadership of the new president, Markus Krapf. And he immediately made it clear: “It is important that we talk to each other and not about each other. Me and my committee colleagues are open to criticism.”

Chief Financial Officer Michael Ströll was able to announce positive news. the Augsburg General reports: The FCA stadium has been paid for. Ströll with a dig at FC Bayern: “Only the suburbs were faster with their arena.”

Sales in the 21/22 season were 91 million euros and expenditure was 91.512 million euros. The FCA spends 45.892 million euros on its employees, the majority of which goes to the professional team. Ströll satisfied: “The season was the third that was heavily influenced by Corona. Nevertheless, we managed to keep the total loss below 500,000 euros.”

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Source: BILD, AFP, Reuters


However, Ströll also announces: “It is very likely that the club will suffer a significantly higher loss this year.” The reason: No top performer should be given up. That means there are no transfer fees. But: FCA’s equity is 53.6 million euros. Ströll: “It’s the envy of 75 percent of the Bundesliga clubs.”

There is also a new outfitter. FCA has signed a five-year contract with the Japanese company Mizuno.

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