52 cents increase in gasoline and LPG, 50 cents increase in diesel oil

According to the news of Bloomberg HT, which is based on industry sources, there is a 52 cent hike in the liter price of gasoline, which will be effective from tonight. The liter price of diesel is also increasing by 50 cents. LPG is expected to increase by 52 cents, which will be valid on Monday.

The other day, Bloomberg HT reported that there would be a hike in fuel prices again in its news based on industry sources. This hike, which will be one of the biggest hikes we have seen so far, is expected to be in the range of 48 to 52 cents. it was stated. In the past few minutes, it has been announced how much the hike will be.

After the increase in the dollar/TL rate, according to the news that Bloomberg HT relied on industry sources 52 cents increase in the liter price of gasoline is coming. The hike, which will be directly reflected in the pump prices, will be effective as of Saturday, November 20. also in diesel Also effective from Saturday, November 20 50 cent raise to do. On the LPG side, it was added that there is an expectation of a 52-cent hike, and that this hike could be on Monday.

The price of the new pump will be as follows, with a 50 cent increase in gasoline

The liter price of gasoline, which has reached 8.17 in Istanbul in the last weeks, with the huge hike of 50 cents, will rise to 8.69. In Ankara and Izmir, from 8.25 will climb to 8.77. With the 50 cents increase in diesel prices, the liter price of diesel will increase from 8.23 ​​to 8.73 in Istanbul and from 8.31 to 8.81 in Ankara and İzmir.

We explained why every increase in gasoline is directly reflected in the pump price, and the liter price of gasoline can reach 11 TL:

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