500 Million WhatsApp User’s Numbers Leaked

Social messaging application WhatsApp, which has been on the agenda with frequent data leaks in recent months, has once again been on the agenda with a big leak. According to allegations in hacker forums, the numbers of 487 million WhatsApp users were revealed.

on 16 November A sale posting on a hacker forum once again revealed that despite the problems WhatsApp has experienced recently, its platform data is not very well protected. According to the ad 487 million WhatsApp users A dataset containing information is sold.

Allegedly, the user information contained in this data set from 84 different countries is coming. Among these countries, according to those who shared the post Turkey is also included. Data sets may have different prices according to countries.

WhatsApp users’ phone numbers may have surfaced

When we examine the allegations, we see that there is information about users from many countries. 32 million data in the USA Egypt (45 million), Italy (35 million), Saudi Arabia (29 million), France (20 million) and Turkey (20 million) is among the countries where the information of many users is leaked.

This type of data is often used to defraud people. smishing (Phishing via SMS) and Vishing Phone numbers also play an important role in attacks (stealing critical information from a smartphone). In other words, it may be to your advantage to be more careful when responding to calls and messages from unfamiliar sources.


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The umbrella company of WhatsApp Metahas not yet responded to questions on the subject. Meta has been criticized for frequent data leaks lately. While the hackers do not reveal the source of the data, they state that they have seized the data with their own special techniques. For now, the data seems to be real.

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