50 Percent Rise In This Altcoin Despite Millions Of Locked Tokens Unveiled

AXS, the native token of Axie Infinity, one of the most popular blockchain games, experienced a sharp rise before millions of tokens to be opened.

Although the unlock will take place, it will take approximately 12 hours. 50% uptrend AXS, which showed AXS, with its big move $9.13 from the levels to 14 dollars reached until.

270 million the total supply of the altcoin with to 1.8% corresponding and approx. 60 million dollars worth 4.8 million part released as of today.

Although it is thought that lock openings will bring selling pressure under normal conditions, it has been moving in the opposite direction due to the recent experience in Bitcoin. January 12 that period in 19 million dollars found in value 4.5 million Aptos was unlocked, but contrary to expectations, there was a rise, not a selling pressure. Aptos has been around since then. 3x showed an upward performance.

As such, crypto investors to make allegations on these events. started. The rise in the cryptocurrency market is already claiming to be “artificial” although many people increase the supply spike living this altcoins He thinks that the tokens unlocked by manipulating the price are sold high.

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