50 Million Tokens Unlocked In This Altcoin, Price Rises

50 million Magic (MAGIC) has been released following the conclusion of the decentralized gaming ecosystem TreasureDAO’s voting for the unlocking of locked tokens.

According to information from the decentralized voting system Snapshot, TreasureDAO’s plan to launch tokens locked on Atlas Mine TIP23 voting after approval by a large majority 50 million MAGIC It was released on January 25.

101 million to MAGIC response only 1.8 million MAGICs in the voting, locked for 1 year and according to the current price 67.8 million dollar worth of MAGIC decided to put it on the market.

The expansion of these tokens, which have been locked for about 1 year, did not create a sales pressure looks like.

This time last year 3.5 dollars level of MAGIC, since then approximately 60% depreciation may have caused these tokens to not be sold. 50 million tokens despite the release MAGIC, In support of these thoughts, in the last 24-hour period, value close to 25% won.

According to CoinGecko data, MAGIC at the time of writing from $1.33 is being traded.

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