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As ShiftDelete.Net, we continue to keep the pulse of technology and provide you with the latest news in the fastest way possible. However, for those who do not have time to follow the agenda, we have compiled the news that stand out this week and that you should never miss, and brought them together in our 5 Teas program. 5 Tea live broadcast is with you with its 229th episode!

SDN 5 Stream is with you with its 229th episode.

After a fast-paced week, we are here with the 229th episode of our popular program 5 Stream. SDN editors Samet Jankovic and Furkan Karaca will evaluate the highlights of the agenda at 17:00 today.


We will evaluate the latest developments in the technology agenda, new devices and technologies introduced, internet, 5G and all other developments together with you. All details about what you are wondering are waiting for this live broadcast!

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