5 Billionaires Talked About Bitcoin and Altcoins: Here are the details!

While the third week of November smiled at AVAX, CRO, MANA and a number of altcoin projects, ETH, BNB and SOL, especially Bitcoin, will reveal their last trump cards today. To recall, PlanB’s S2F model predicts that November will close at $98,000 for Bitcoin. While Willy Woo interpreted the current levels as a “bottom”, billionaires interested in the investment and speculation part of the business took the subject of cryptocurrencies this week. Let’s start with Michael Saylor’s Bitcoin calls…

“Bitcoin is hope for Turkey”

Micheal Saylor retweeted Jan Wuestenfeld’s analysis of the decision of the Central Bank of Turkey on October 21, and made calls for “Bitcoin is hope for Turkey”. Microstrategy CEO says this week:

Bitcoin is hope for Turkey. The currency has lost a third of its value since March and has fallen for nine consecutive years. Converting from TL to USD will only slow the collapse, while the adoption of BTC will reverse the damage and stimulate the economy.

This week, Erik Voorhees, founder of ShapeShift.com, tweeted the following, addressing criticism of PoW and PoS:

Saying Proof of Stake “same as fiat” is just as silly as saying Proof of Work is “waste of electricity”. Weak arguments that are applauded by the adherents of one coin against the other. Both systems work well in practice, each has tradeoffs.

Entrepreneur and investor Pompliano’s agenda was also inflation. cryptocoin.com As we reported, Elon Musk and Dogecoin founder Billy Markus also shared their views on the increasing US inflation. Pomp gives an example from Bitcoin:

Bitcoin’s inflation rate is currently 1.78 percent.

Tron founder Justin Sun announced this week that WINNFTHORSE NFTs will be returned as a result of an attack:

Due to malicious attacks on WINNFTHORSE, the results of this sale were unfair to community members. We apologize! We have decided that this sale of 2700 horses will not be used as horses for the actual game launch and the horses on sale will be fully refunded.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) addressed the community in the last week of the decline:

There will be many bearish, corrective and bear/bull markets. Regardless, technology and industry will continue to grow.

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