40,000-Year-Old Animal Skulls Found in a Cave

It was announced that the skulls, which were found in a cave near Madrid and which were found to belong to many different animals, were ‘carefully separated’ from the corpses and processed using different tools.

It was first discovered in 1978 and has been the subject of much research since then. Cueva Des-Cubierta cave, a multi-layered cave. This means that there are many new things to explore at different layers.

It attracts the attention of cave scientists because the researches carried out Used by Neanderthals for rituals revealed. This shows that a wealth of information can be uncovered about the social lives, beliefs and rituals of Neanderthals.

The skulls found in the third layer of the cave provide important information about what the animals were used for.

There is a rhino skull and granite used as a hammerstone just above it.

In the researches carried out in the past, various tools and materials were found inside the cave. bone remains that may have belonged to children They also found things like

The latest article published in the journal Nature Human Behavior points to different findings. Skulls found according to what is described in the article carefully separated from the corpses of animals and elaborately processed with fire and various tools.

bison skull

Along with animals such as bison and aurochs that are now extinct animals such as rhino and deer It is thought that these skulls were not brought to the cave where the skulls were found.

The reason is that almost all of the skulls are outside the cave. that you were transported to the cave after processing consideration. According to the information in the research, some ‘nutritive’ parts of the skulls, such as the eyes, are already in the parts that are processed and disintegrated outside the cave.

The use of the cave for rituals and the fact that there are some signs such as being burned with fire on the skulls indicate that these skulls may have been used for some rituals.

rhino skull

The research team found that ritual use of animals in Neanderthals a common behavior emphasizing that.

Another inference is that the skulls as post-hunt loot probability of being moved into the cave. However, the research team feels that this option cannot be accepted without further research.


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