4 Possible Reasons Why You’re Intelligent and Unsuccessful

The fact that every intelligent individual is not successful in the future and does not reach good places shows that intelligence alone is not enough. So why don’t the smart kids who show that finger at school actually succeed?

Intelligence has always been perceived as being related to the individual himself. The relationship between intelligence and success depends on the individual’s own effort. The most common belief, especially after the 10,000 hour rule “The harder you work, the more successful you will be” has become the concept. What if it isn’t?

The findings of psychologist Alison Miller and many other researchers in their studies of university students are based on the common belief that intelligence is with effort, patience and hard work had been developed. In later studies, it was found that some people may not be successful even if these factors are in the person. Some of the influencing factors were family attitudes, number of siblings, and socio-economic status of the family.

Who measures the intelligence of children who are said to be intelligent and not working?

The scientific world has been working on what exactly intelligence is for many years. Analytical intelligence, emotional intelligence, multiple intelligence theories Numerous theories such as Today, it can only be applied by specialists for children. validity and reliability studies Tests such as the WISC-R intelligence test are used. The adult version of the same test is the Wechsler Intelligence test.

Although there are many tests whose validity and reliability studies have been conducted, there are generally short and few questions in the market, no research has been done on them, tests that are unclear how much they measure too much. Particular attention should be paid to this when taking an intelligence test.


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If you are smart but have not had a successful life, it may be due to:

1. Maybe you couldn’t be with the people you needed to be in the right place at the right time.


In the studies carried out, the own intelligence and individual effort no matter how important it is, sometimes you have to be in the right place with the right people. Like Bill Gates being with Paul Allen and being able to use computers that many universities didn’t even have access to when he was still in high school.

2. A conscious family can add success to your success.

family and success

In the researches parents with higher education It has been observed that children’s school success is higher. These families become more conscious and make the necessary investment in their children. As a result, the child learns how to overcome the obstacles in front of him and how to seek his rights at a very young age, so when he encounters setbacks, he thinks about how he can overcome his problems instead of getting depressed and giving up.

3. Geography is not destiny, but your family’s socio-economic status may be.

socioeconomic status

In the researches good socio-economic status and the children of families who support their child’s education are more successful in the future. In families with a lower socio-economic status, the budget allocated by the family for education is more limited. The time that families allocate for the education of their children is also limited and they cannot take care of them enough.

In these families, children are educated from a very young age to contribute to the economy of the house. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Children whose physical needs are not met, such as children, do not develop a strong personality, and they remain emotionally weak. As a result, no matter how high the intelligence is, suicide attempts, renunciations and psychological depressions can be seen.

4. Your siblings may have taken your success as well as their toys.


According to some of the studies, as the number of siblings of students increases, the level of success decreases. The reason for this is not known exactly, but the economic income from the redistribution of the share allocated to education thought to be caused. At this point, if the education level of the father is high, the success of the child increases despite all the impossibilities.

Note: In this article, the possible reasons why you cannot make a successful career are compiled according to the results of the research. The aim is not to blame people who may have hindered you, but to find answers to some of your unanswered questions.

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