4 Billion Dollars Laundered Through Cryptocurrency Platforms

According to research from blockchain analysis firm Elliptic, criminals laundered $4 billion worth of money through cryptocurrency platforms.

According to the statements made by Elliptic, this value is Transactions since 2020 taken into account.

For criminals to launder this money decentralized exchanges, cross-chain bridges and users Platforms that do not impose KYC requirements (such as coin swap transactions) thought to be used.

According to the statements of the Elliptic team, although these platforms are legal process Although it is also used for theft, mixing, fraud and establish a pyramid scheme It also uses for:

“We would like to clarify that at Elliptic we are not trying to imply that decentralized exchanges or bridges are used for purely illegal purposes, on the contrary, they are largely used for legal purposes. However, we found that crime revenues were also flowing through these platforms.”

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