3D Movie Maker becomes open source after 27 years

Microsoft’s One of the application concepts he tried in the 90s, 3D Movie Maker coming back. The animation program, which was first released in 1995, is presented to users in open source form 27 years later.

To demonstrate Microsoft’s 3D rendering capabilities to Windows 95 3D Movie Maker included; It made it possible to create short films by placing characters, text, music and special effects in predefined environments. Microsoft administrators have reinstated this program from 1995.

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3D Movie Maker from 1995 comes back in open source

The US software giant was founded in 1995. Microsoft Kids The 3D Movie Maker program, developed by the division, has been reopened. Users, who wrote their requests on Twitter to open the application, managed to make their voices heard to Microsoft managers.

Microsoft’s animation application; sound clips, 3D character models, pre-rendered backgrounds, and a library of short music clips. Therefore, it made it possible for users of all ages to make their own animated films.

per second 3D animated movies at 6 to 8 frames This program, which gives the opportunity to prepare Toy Story offered the opportunity to do so.

As Microsoft points out, the program is without the risk of encountering compatibility issues. Windows 10 or run on windows 11 possible. Also, source codes for 3D Movie Maker are publicly available on GitHub.

However, it should be reminded that Microsoft has made some warnings. The software giant warns that this open-source project cannot fully work with modern hardware/software. It also urges developers to make updates to the code as needed.

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