37 New Emojis We’ll See Everywhere Soon Introduced

The Unicode Consortium, which provides the management of emojis, has officially announced Unicode 14.0. This announcement means that new emojis that will come to smartphones and other platforms are clear. According to the statements made, users will be able to use 37 new emoji and 112 new designs in the near future.

With the widespread use of smartphones, emojisThey have become forms of expression of emotion used by everyone today. In fact, in one of our content we shared with you recently, a doctor wanted more health-related emojis. we talked about. Now, there has been a new development on this subject. The Unicode Consortium, which has agreed to the rollout of new emojis, Unicode 14.0 announced.

Unicode versions announced by the Unicode Consortium, clever phones and will be added to other platforms. In this context, 37 new emojis will be presented to users. These emojis will consist of new faces, new hand gestures, new characters and other objects as always. When we take into account the different variations, such as the color options of the emojis, the total 112 new designs will be available.

Here are the new emojis that will be available with Unicode 14.0

112 new emoji designs included in our lives with the work done, number of all emoji designs that can be used on smartphones and other platforms. increased to 3,633. Thus, users can now express their emotions by using much more emojis. blank they can describe it.


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When will Unicode 14.0 be available, announced by the Unicode Consortium not sure. However, all new emojis are expected to reach users before the end of this year.