3,313 BTC Transfer Following Terra CEO Do Kwon’s Arrest Order: South Korea Demands Freezing

Following the arrest warrant of Terra CEO Do Kwon, the South Korean government confirmed that the funds transferred from Binance wallet belonging to the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) to Kucoin and OKX He demanded the freezing of 3,313 Bitcoins (BTC).

According to the news of Coindesk Korea on September 27, the South Korean government, 15-18 September between Luna Foundation Guard’belonging to Binance from your wallet To Kucoin and OKX transferred of 3,313 Bitcoins He asked for it to be frozen. Kucoin meeting the demand 1,354 Bitcoinswhile freezing 1.959 bitcoin transferred OKX, about the demand for now did not take any action. OKX’s failure to comply with the freeze request, Chances are he may have moved from OKX. brought to mind.

The relationship of money with Do Kwon even if not certain a former prosecutor on the subject, after an arrest warrant was issued in a normal criminal investigation, from the accounts the suspect was related to. transferring large sums of money, laundering or hiding to be investigated with suspicion natural stated that. One of the prosecutors involved in the investigation escape fund whether to be used as research said it needed.

After the South Korean government issued an arrest warrant for CEO Do Kwon, Do Kwon was from Singapore, the country of residence of the founder. cancel your passport he wanted. Singapore government requests to revoke passports answered positively however, Do Kwon et al. It was realized that they had already broken up. On top of that, Interpol recently talked about CEO Do Kwon and his 5 friends. search warrant with red notice took it out.

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