30% of the World, 80% of Amazons Declared as Protected Areas

The International Union for Conservation of Nature met in Marseille recently and made an important decision. Congress passed a resolution to declare regions on Earth and Amazon as protected areas.

More than 1300 governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations from 185 countries gathered under the same roof. International Union for Conservation of Nature ((International Union for the Conservation of Nature – IUCN) recently met at a congress in Marseille.

Congress passed calls for 80 percent of the Amazon and 30 percent of the Earth’s surface (land and sea) to be declared a protected area to stop the loss of wildlife. IUCN, on such decisions does not have any enforcement power. However, the decisions taken by the IUCM play a decisive role in the decisions taken in the United Nations (UN) agreements and international conventions on these topics.

It will affect the agenda of the UN summit:

The first of the agenda items at the IUCM congress was on Amazon. In recent years, there has been a great slaughter in the Amazon for activities such as livestock activities or commercial agriculture. Forested areas are set on fire and these areas are made suitable for agriculture and livestock use. Since serious sanctions and control cannot be achieved, approximately every year 10 thousand square kilometers of land is disappearing.

An emergency proposal by COICA, an umbrella group representing more than two million indigenous peoples in nine South American countries, calling for four-fifths of the Amazon basin to be declared protected areas by 2025, was passed by congress. Thus, the IUCM 80% of Amazons by 2025 It decided to declare a protected area and protect it with deterrent sanctions and strict control.


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Another decision that was discussed and debated in the congress was the issue of making a similar application for the lands of the world. At this point, IUCM members (government officials, non-governmental organizations and groups representing indigenous people) 30% of the earth’s surface by 2030 It was decided to be a protected area.

With this decision, biodiversity points where animals and plants are protected will be determined in the regions to be determined and these points will be protected and inspected. Decisions taken by the IUCM will take place next At the UN Biodiversity Summit thought to set the agenda.