3 Metaverse Coins With Climbing Potential Announced!

Despite the bear market, some metaverse coin projects remain the most popular niche. There are dozens of metaverse and NFT projects on the market that continue to build their ecosystems during these challenging times. Crypto expert Paul Brabus shares his selection of the top three metaverse coins with a market cap of under $250 million to watch in August 2022. We have prepared the expert’s introduction and reviews for our readers.

The first metaverse coin project on the list is Chromia (CHR)

Chromia (CHR) launched in May 2019. Top rated next generation Blockchain built for Metaverse and NFT projects and applications. It provides an intuitive development environment that makes it much easier and faster for developers to deploy Metaverse and NFT-based Blockchain games.

Chromia has a simpler approach to development rather than using Solidity. Blockchain has already been used to develop many games, including Mines of Dalarnia and My Neighbor Alice. Both games have a solid community and a multi-million dollar market cap. Also, Chromia (CHR) EVM compatible. So any application developed on the platform can be migrated to other first-generation Blockchains such as Ethereum and BNB.

Chromia’s Blockchain is powered by the CHR token. CHR is a token integrated into most games on the platform, allowing developers to pin their dApp token to CHR. Also, a helpful asset that speeds up app development and strengthens the Chromia ecosystem. In addition, CHR is an ERC-20 compliant entity on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Second metaverse project Radio Caca (RACA)

Its developers launched Radio Caca (RACA) in August 2021. A community-driven metaverse coin project consisting of a variety of apps and services. It also has its own ecosystem. Radio Caca has an NFT marketplace, a USM Metaverse, and its flagship play-to-earn Metamon game.

Radio Caca has one of the most exciting communities supporting the project. It also has some of the highest social media reach compared to other projects. Meanwhile, Radio Caca has managed to form a high-profile partnership with iconic hip-hop artist French Montana to develop the NFT collection and Metaverse later this year.

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Radio Caca’s USM Metaverse has also recently registered over 800,000 users. It set a new record for one of the most visited Metaverses on the market. RACA is the primary ancillary asset for the project, which includes both BEP-20 and ERC-20 versions available on various exchanges. RACA powers the project’s ecosystem. It can also be used to purchase NFTs, interact with the metaverse, provide governance and much more.

The latest metaverse coin project WAX (WAXP)

WAX (WAXP) was launched in December 2017. Another Metaverse ecosystem and Blockchain that offers a unique infrastructure for NFT and metaverse coin projects. It has one of the robust ecosystems of dozens of games, services, marketplaces and platforms. Even during this bear market, WAX maintains a relatively high market cap and trading volume. It hosts some of the most popular Blockchain and NFT based applications in the market such as WAX, Alien Worlds, MiningNetwork and many more. The prices of the WAXP token are relatively low. So it has potential for the next bull run.

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Regarding its network, WAX is unique. Because it has a delegated PoS consensus model that leverages three sources to pay for the transaction and provide on-chain interaction. It is possible for users to stake WAXP, the platform’s native utility asset. WAX uses the resources called GPU, RAM and NET that they can get in this way. Essentially, it is possible for users to remove WAXP tokens to get money back on their transactions. Therefore, transactions are almost free on the network. This makes it a suitable blockchain for games and applications that require a high degree of on-chain interaction.

Additionally, WAX has integrated the WAX ​​Cloud Wallet into most of its services. It is therefore incredibly beginner-friendly. Meanwhile, the WAX ​​Cloud wallet looks like a Google login natively integrated with WAX. So, it doesn’t require any third party app. Therefore, it provides a unique user experience for those new to the cryptocurrency world. The primary utility asset for WAX is the WAXP token. It allows users to stake it for rewards. It also allows him to purchase products and interact with various services on the platform. For more detailed information cryptocoin.comTake a look at this article.

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