3 Different Scenarios and Price Prediction for Bitcoin by Arthur Hayes

BitMEX ex-CEO Arthur Hayes, while considering the future of Bitcoin (BTC) in three different scenarios in the medium term, emphasized that the US Federal Reserve (FED) policy can have an impact on the price.

Hayes wrote in his article on January 19 that Bitcoin has been strong performance but new targets in the medium term. dependent on multiple factors claimed it was. for bitcoin three different Evaluating what could happen in the scenario, the CEO said that the current target of Bitcoin weighted aspect policies of the US Federal Reserve (FED) He pointed out that it might be connected.

Scenario 1

Evaluating the price change in Bitcoin in three different scenarios, Hayes first scenarioof the rally macroeconomic in Bitcoin rather than reasons low against a price reaction was due to the acquisition. Hayes said that in this scenario, Bitcoin would likely have a new consolidation until you find the level keep rising and then conditions will rise to the next high. attractive at the relevant consolidation level until keep moving horizontally stated that he would.

Scenario 2

In the other two scenarios, the CEO Fed policies on bitcoin price to the effect mentioned. Hayes states that in these scenarios, the Bitcoin rally is the result of investors’ interest in the Fed’s expansionary monetary policies. will start again He started out with the assumption that it was due to his expectations.

Dividing the FED scenario into two, Hayes said that in the scenario based on the FED’s policies, managers’ current interest and inflation levels pleased to have critically important He emphasized that he has

scenario 2a

An uncertain pivot from the CPI pressure after the policy understanding or interest rate hikes. dissatisfaction prices are likely to decline He said he will start.

scenario 2b

Hayes calls Scenario 2b. opposite In one scenario, Bitcoin’s ongoing able to maintain its strong performance He claimed.

Although scenario 2b remains the most promising scenario among them, Hayes a combination of scenario 1 and scenario 2a For this reason, we think that we will meet with new purchases. get excited in this situation question marks He said he created it.

What Is Hayes Waiting For?

In case of Hayes scenario 1, Bitcoin’s 30 thousand dollars and 40 thousand dollars suggesting that it can be traded between 69 thousand dollars to the cryptocurrency market in order to reach the level of additional liquidity injection pointed out that it will be necessary.

Bitcoin when it’s right 15,800 Claiming that it could decline to the dollar levels, the CEO said that in this case, other risk assets markets would also be seriously affected. may lose value drew attention. Hayes made the following statements on the subject:

In case of scenario 2a, many risk asset markets will begin to depreciate, along with Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market, and in this case, the FED will eventually intervene with quantitative easing policies. At the bottom of this scenario, I will have to seriously add to my positions.

Hayes proved wrong and only of scenario 1 for the rally he missed. you won’t be sad because it’s already in bitcoin holding on to existence also stated.

On the other hand, while considering the Fed’s interest rate decisions, CPI consideration did not receive Hayes stated that the reason for this situation is the chairman of the Fed. by Jerome Powell during the inflation measure Ignoring CPI stated that.

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