3 Alternative Cryptocurrencies to Dogecoin

As we approach a bull period again for the crypto money markets, we are at a very early stage at the moment to say how much value a crypto currency can reach. However, we can take a closer look at cryptocurrencies, which are shown as an alternative to Dogecoin, which small investors hope for.

Seeing the peak with the support of Elon Musk on Twitter in the bull market of 2020 dogecoinshowed everyone how the cryptocurrency markets are very open to instant changes. Small investors, who could see the effect of Musk’s shares early on, achieved high profits with Dogecoin in a short time, but those who bought later due to the same effect began to question the possibility of Dogecoin to rise to $ 1.

Frankly, it is close to impossible even for crypto experts to give precise comments or recommendations for Dogecoin, which is a meme coin due to both its origin story and project. In the new bull market expected to be experienced towards the end of 2023 It is equally difficult to make this comment on any previously popular cryptocurrency.

Also this time of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) There are lawsuits filed against Binance and Coinbase, which may negatively affect the upcoming bull process; We can say that people will be a little more cautious because their trust in stock markets is shaken. For this reason, we have compiled alternative cryptocurrencies that are candidates to become popular, such as Dogecoin.

DOGE alternative cryptocurrencies:

  • yPredict (YPRED): Cryptocurrency that leverages artificial intelligence ChatGPT for trading.
  • EcoTerra (ECOTERRA): A ‘green cryptocurrency’ focused on recycling and the environment.
  • DeeLance (DLANCE): It aims for a more flexible economy by leveraging the blockchain.

1. yPredict: Cryptocurrency linked to the platform that predicts the market with artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence software has not only become a trend in the fields of text and image production. Because this platform, called yPredict, is powered by artificial intelligence software that can calculate both trading transactions and the course of the market in advance. Even Yahoo Finance in May 2023; of yPredict Raising $1,655 million in funding He wrote that he had left behind an important turning point.

Of course, the founders of yPredict make no guarantees that the platform will always deliver flawless results. However, the fact that artificial intelligence filters the most efficient ones among millions of purchase possibilities and offers more possible options is a great boon for investors before they make the final decision. Purchasing yPredict tokens makes investors part of an AI-powered ecosystem; that is, not only a crypto money investment is made, but also access to artificial intelligence tools that can be used for subsequent investments.

Finally, as of the third quarter of 2023, yPerdict’s cryptocurrency YPRED at the price of $0.12 It should be noted that it will be listed on a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, that is, it can increase its popularity by reaching more investors.

2. EcoTerra (ECOTERRA): A cryptocurrency focused on combating climate change and sustainability


Projects focused on entertainment, such as Dogecoin, or financial solutions, such as Ethereum, have grown in popularity over time and have become mainstream. However, he said the future of the world we live in There are also projects built to bring sustainable solutions to climate and environmental problems. One of them is EcoTerra.

So how is EcoTerra as a cryptocurrency able to combat climate change and other environmental issues? The answer to this question is that crypto money adopts R2E or as it stands for Recycle-to-earn hidden in the system. EcoTerra, which encourages people to recycle with a mobile application; It enables people to obtain crypto money by scanning the barcodes of plastic, glass, textile products to be sent for recycling. ,

Of course, to use this recycling system requires receipts that the EcoTerra application can verify and prove that recycling is done. For this, users can access the closest recycling ATMs After reading the product’s barcode to the application, it scans the receipts they receive from these ATMs and the process is completed.

Apart from earning through recycling, purchasing EcoTerra tokens is also a way to be included in the system. The project, which has collected $ 5.4 million in funds in its pre-sale, may reach much more serious popularity in the coming years thanks to the collaborations to be made with local, national or international institutions.

3. DeeLance (DLANCE): Flexible economy project focused on connecting freelance talents with employers:


We can say that freelance business lines, which have been on the rise especially during the pandemic period, are no longer just an additional income method, but the main source of income for many people. The DeeLance project is one of many popular freelance job or employee finding platform like but with one important difference: This platform has a unique cryptocurrency: DLANCE.

DeeLance, which aims to combine the decentralized structure of the blockchain with the freelance working model; It has been among the projects that attracted the attention of many economy and crypto money presses such as Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, CoinTelegraph. For both employers and freelancers as a means of payment DLANCE, which has been developed, shows that there is a way to generate income outside of today’s economic models.

Currently, DLANCE tokens are not listed on any major exchange, but DeeLance tokens can be purchased through the pre-sale campaign. In addition, DeeLance allows you to reach freelance business solutions with very low fees compared to its competitors. Only 2% cuts are made from customers and only 10% from freelancers, which seems very advantageous when you consider the rates in other global freelancer platforms.

That’s all for now from crypto money projects that are an alternative to Dogecoin and have a more solid footing. Stay tuned for more!

This content is not investment advice.

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