2x Maker Meme Token Confirms 100 Million Burn: Will The Rise Continue?

The community of the popular meme token Floki Inu voted 99% in favor of the burn of 4.2 trillion FLOKI worth approximately $100 million.

The Floki Inu community is on the critical bridge to the network. 4.2 trillion FLOKI Your offer to burn your token has been accepted. As a result of voting by the community 99.97%A majority voted in favour. Statement by the team 4.2 trillion tokens’of February 9, 2023 on a permanent basis will be burned specified.

At the time the vote was first presented to the community 4.2 trillion FLOKI approx. 50 million dollars but with the effect of the news flow, in the last week %one hundredThe value of the asset to be burned due to prices rising by more than 100 million dollars exceeded. On the other hand, another important item of the proposal is lowering the transaction tax was also accepted. FLOKI transaction tax according to the details provided February 3 as of 0.3%will be reduced to .

The token burning proposal, which reduces the supply and avoids the long-term inflationary structure, is also more will serve an important uncle. Networks have been the focus of cyberattacks in the past year providing transfer between There were bridges. Currently, the total supply of FLOKI 55% of Considering that it was kept on the bridge, this burning process providing security for the future of the network is intended. On the other hand, according to analysts, the completion and decision of the voting can also create a sell news situation on the price.

According to CoinGecko data, in the last week 103% Recently, with the rising FLOKI news flow, $0.00002958 at the time of writing the news From $0.00002390 is being traded.

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