2nd league! FC Erzgebirge Aue: Hensel discovered Knipser Jonjic – 2nd Bundesliga

Aue digs its way out of the descent mud!

Goal by goal, point by point, FC Erzgebirge climbs towards the lower midfield of the table.

Aue has collected seven points from the last three games. In the 2-0 win against Heidenheim, striker Antonio Jonjic (22) was the star of the game as a two-time goalscorer.

Marc Hensel (35) had observed the young professional several times at 1. FC Kaiserslautern. There the player was suspended on November 7, 2019. Nevertheless, Hensel had fought vehemently to get Jonjic. With success. And with this result: Exactly two years later, Jonjic now scored twice for Aue.

Now Jonjic is making people cheer in Aue. He scored 1: 1 against HSV, he scored twice against Heidenheim. Hensel admits: “I appreciate such extrovert types who prevail against resistance. You have to take them as they are, give them trust. Toni pays back. But not just him. “

In addition to Jonjic, Dirk Carlson (23), Nicolas Kühn (21), Soufiane Messeguem (20), Sam Schreck (22) and Omar Sijaric (20) started with five other professionals who are 23 years or younger. Another player was added with Erik Majetschak (21).

This is also the Auer way of investing courage in the line-up in order to get the courage of the players as a quality. Hensel knows: “It works at the moment because the older players like Sören Gonther, Jan Hochscheidt, Martin Männel and Dimitrij Nazarov lead the young players with their clarity and consistency.”

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