2nd Largest Sale in History on ENS Domain Name

The second largest domain sale ever made through the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). The sale, worth 300 Ethereum (ETH), corresponds to about $ 315,000.

000.eth domain name EtheOS to the 300 Ethereum sold in exchange. This domain address was first listed in September 2021 for 100 Ethereum. It remained unlisted for a while after no buyer was found, and was relisted for $500 in January of this year. This domain, which has been listed as 500 Ethereum in the past days, Offer worth 300 Ethereum came and the offer was accepted by the collector.

ENS domain names are transfer names that can be used as an alternative to blockchain public keys consisting of long codes. It is used by users who prefer to send crypto money to these short and memorable addresses instead of copying and pasting the blockchain address. At the same time, these ENS domains opensea It can be listed on NFT markets such as

Biggest sale ever on an ENS domain is in October 2021 420 Ethereum It was a worthwhile transaction. value at that time 1.5 million dollars this domain name paradigm.eth ‘was.

Although the volumes have decreased in the markets, large sales are still continuing in the NFT market. nansen last week, according to data 5 NFTs with the highest transaction value these are:

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