28 Million Bribery Alleged With Bitcoin: Russian Official Detained!

Marat Tambiev, Chairman of Moscow’s Tversky District Investigative Committee, has been accused of receiving 1,032 Bitcoin (BTC) bribes from the hacker group under investigation.

Chairman of Moscow’s Tversky District Investigative Committee, a local agency recently reported. To Marat Tambiev, approximately 28 million worth a dollar 1,032 BTC for alleged bribery investigation opened. Tambiev’s under investigation detained reported to have been received.

Tambiev during the investigation. long efforts decryptable as a result Apple MacBook Pro on your laptop, to 1,032 BTC containing codes to access to photos found. Authorities as part of an investigation into the seized Bitcoins confiscated.

According to investigators’ claims tambiev, These assets last year April per month to the assets of the hacker group he was investigating. not confiscate bribe in return received as.

Deputy Attorney General Anatoly Razinkin Regarding the seized assets of Tambiev, the accused in the investigative authorities of official service overall average over the whole 143 thousand dollar salary, 28 million dollar asset uncertain of origin He said he was staying.

Defendants thought to be bribery 2.5 to 3.5 years between suspended prison sentence received and from 8.6 million worth a dollar Bitcoin seized was recorded.

On the other hand, detained Tambiyev’s whereas June 5th on investigation in the scope of going to trial transferred.

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