2023 Model Toyota Crown Revealed

Toyota’s 2023 model sedan ‘Crown’ has emerged. The car, whose patent images have been accessed, seems to be on the agenda with its similarity to the Honda Civic.

Japan-based automobile company Toyota was founded in 1955. Crown He introduced his car, which he named as This car, which attracted great attention, continued its commercial life for 15 generations. Body types of the popular sedan, such as coupe, station wagon and pick-up, were also offered to automobile enthusiasts. Toyota has now taken action for Crown once again. However, Toyota Crown, which we will meet in 2023, this time lost its originality case. Because the patent images of this car, the upcoming sedan Honda Civic It reveals that it will have a front design that is almost the same as the.

Toyota has no questions about the 2023 Crown. did not explain. But news outlets in Japan were able to reach Crown through the database of the country’s patent office. The resulting images show that the upcoming sedan on how it will look It gives us a clear view.

This is what the 2023 Toyota Crown will look like

The image above showcases the front end of the Toyota Crown. Actually, we have nothing to say at this point. As you can see, the upcoming sedan Honda Civic is almost completely same will appear. At least from the front…

Honda Civic 2022

*2022 model Honda Civic.

When we look at the rear of Toyota’s upcoming car, we can see it in general terms. original We come across a design. We leave the interpretation of how the vehicle will look from the rear to you, our esteemed readers.


According to the information obtained Crown Cross the car to be introduced with its name; It will have a length of 4,930 millimeters, a width of 1,840 millimeters and a height of 1,540 millimeters. It is claimed that the car, which is said to be introduced on July 15, will come with a 2.5-liter hybrid engine. In the coming period All information about Crown will be revealed.


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This is what the Toyota Crown refreshed in 2021 looked like

2021 Toyota Crown

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