2023 Honda Accord Spotted For The First Time

Honda was caught on camera testing the Accord, which it redesigned. The car, which is displayed under intense camouflage, seems to have remarkable innovations at the front and rear.

Japanese auto giant Honda started its production again years later. accordGetting ready to renew. The company will probably make a launch in a few months and present the 2023 model Accord to car enthusiasts. Now, there has been a development regarding this model. The new Accord has been viewed for the first time. However heavy camouflagehides the details of the Accord.

According to the claims of industry sources, the body of the new Accord, will be the same as the current safe. However, it is said that the front and rear will be completely renewed. Pleasant; This situation also shows itself in the shared images. Looking at the Accord from the side profile and considering the current chassis, there isn’t much of a difference. we can’t see. However, with the rear and front lights, other details are noticeable, albeit small.

Here comes the 2023 model Honda Accord

One of the confusing aspects of the Honda Accord is the front grille of the vehicle. The grille, which has a projection extending down from the hood in the model on the market, this time may have changed. Because the company has made a four-arm camouflage work that starts from the headlights and merges where the logo is. Was this camouflage made to hide the vehicle or does it cover the new grille? it is not clear.


According to industry sources, Honda has announced that the 2023 model Accord will keep your current engine. The version on the market was equipped with a 1.5-liter 194-horsepower four-cylinder engine. However, the 2023 model Accord hybrid engine option It is stated that it can be presented with The launch, which will be organized by Honda, will reveal all the mysteries about the Accord.



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