2021 Best Drone Photos Announced

The winners of 2021 at the Best Drone Photographs of the Year awards, which have been held for 4 years, have been announced. The awards given under different categories revealed breathtaking views from all over the world.

This photography contest, which has become one of the most impressive contests in the history of drones over time, from 9 categories such as nature, sports, people, wildlife is formed.

The winning pictures in the competition where Norwegian photographer Terje Kolaas was selected as the photographer of the year will be held in Italy between 23 October and 5 December. At the Siena Prize Festival will be exhibited.

Photo of the year:

This year’s Best Picture award was for pink-footed geese migrating to their Arctic breeding grounds. Koolas managed to get this surreal image with his drone.

First place in the nature category:

best drone photo of the year nature

The photographer selected first in the nature category was Martin Sanchez. Sanchez offers a close-up look at lava boiling inside a volcano in Iceland.

First place in the wildlife category:

best drone photo of the year nature

Martin Gregus, who filmed polar bears for 24 hours and examined the personalities of 27 different bears in detail, won the first prize in the wildlife category with his photograph of the Sleeping Beauty sleeping on a stone.

City category winner, Sergei Poletaev

best drone photo of the year

Wedding category winner, Matteo Originale

best drone photo wedding of the year

Wildlife category winner, Qasim Al Farsi

best drone photo of the year wildlife

Sports category winner, Phil De Glanville

best drone photo of the year sports

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