2002 Honda S2000 and 2000 Acura Integra Type R Raced

YouTube channel Hoonigan, which compares races and cars, pitted two race cars from the 2000s on the track. The 3-lap race of 2002 Honda S2000 and 2000 Acura Integra Type R, whose features differ as much as mountains, resulted in Honda’s victory.

Hoonigan, the racing-themed YouTube channel, has accomplished one of the most sought-after things from earthlings in recent years: Going back to the 2000s. Racing 2 race cars of the early 2000s, Hoonigan gave car enthusiasts a feast of nostalgia.

Competing fiercely in 3 separate laps, the 2002 Honda S2000 and 2000 Acura Integra Type R met on the track to show how their very different features would be reflected in a drag race. Effortless winner of unjust encounters, It’s a Honda S2000.

The cutthroat race of millennium cars:

In Hoonigan’s video, the 2002 Honda S2000 and 2000 Acura Integra Type R, which competed in 3 separate laps, revealed how their different features can make a difference on the track. In the first of the 1000m races, both cars started equally. The 2002 Honda S2000 finished this lap with a comfortable win. In the second lap, the S2000 both started from behind and took 1 person in the passenger seat in order to increase the weight. The winner of this round was the Acura Integra by a very small margin. On the third and final lap, the extra passenger in the S2000 came out, but the vehicle started from behind again. The S2000, which lost its excess weight, Although he started behind, he finished the tour with a win.

Honda’s car showed its superiority in speed even on the lost lap. However, this encounter, arranged for the sake of nostalgia, was not fair. Or let’s say the vehicles belonged to different leagues. While the Integra has a 199 hp and 1.8 liter engine The S2000 had a 243 horsepower and 2-liter engine. The S2000 was rear-wheel drive, the Integra front-wheel drive. There was a difference of 91 kilograms between the vehicles whose manual transmissions were not changed. The heavy side was the Honda S2000.

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