2 Popular Analysts: This Altcoin Shows Incredible Strength!

A pair of popular crypto analysts say that an Ethereum (ETH) competitor is starting to show signs of strength despite the continued bearish trend in the digital asset markets.

The analyst, using the pentoshi alias, has 576,200 Twitter followers on the smart contract platform. Solana’s (LEFT) He said that while the altcoin remains bullish despite last week’s sharp correction, it remains afloat.

“During this entire ordeal, SOL showed incredible strength. Once the market calms down, I think it could reach $34 and potentially $40. He managed to withstand last week’s carnage completely. I bought a small bag.”

Solana price analysis

At the time of writing, Solana is changing hands at $32, an increase of over 21 percent from the 2022 low of $26.43.

Cantering Clark also on the rise in Solana

Another crypto expert, Cantering Clark, is similarly optimistic about Solana. The trader says he is taking long positions on Solana in anticipation that SOL will remove the diagonal resistance.

“There are extremely interesting purchases in SOL right now. Its advantage over all other pairs is quite obvious. If we see a break in this downtrend, I will be on it as best I can.”

Left (LEFT)

Also, another crypto analyst, Capo, does not share the bullish sentiments of Pentoshi and Cantering Clark. Correctly predicting Bitcoin’s drop below $30,000, the trader says he expects Solana to lose more than 40 percent of its value at current prices.

“18-20 dollars [Solana için] Seems like a good level.”

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