2 Big Altcoin News Announced: Airdrop and New Coin!

Crypto futures exchange BitMEX plans to issue an exchange token this year. In the meantime, the Arbitrum airdrop could arrive very soon. We have compiled important developments regarding the two altcoin projects for our readers.

BitMEX waits for the right time to launch BMEX

The launch of BMEX has been delayed due to market conditions. But the CEO of the exchange wants it to be launched before the end of 2022. Alexander Hoeptner, CEO of crypto futures and spot exchange BitMEX, gave an interview at the Token2049 conference in Singapore. In this context, he noted that the Exchange plans to launch its token BMEX by the end of the year. Hoeptner made the following statement:

If you launch a token in a market that is clearly not at the bottom, your token will be depleted along with the general environment.

The exchange announced in July that the launch of the token would be delayed due to market conditions. “We are ready to list BMEX,” the company announced in July. However, current market conditions are not ideal. We want to list the token in an environment that gives holders the best chance.” In BitMEX’s altcoin project, like other exchange tokens such as BNB and FTT, holders will be entitled to discounts on trading fees and other benefits.

Hoeptner explained that the specific launch date will depend on whether the exchange team believes there is another “massive drop” on the horizon. He talked about the drawbacks of launching just before a drop. In line with this, he said it would mean that attention is focused on the token’s falling price rather than the exchange’s new features or other successes such as its registrations in Italy and Switzerland. In this regard, “People have waited a long time. “It’s okay if they wait another month or two,” he said.

Arbitrum prepares for altcoin airdrop

cryptocoin.com As we have reported, Arbitrum is preparing for its much anticipated airdrop. In light of this, the experts shared some useful information about the nature of the airdrop and possible eligibility prerequisites. Anonymous crypto expert DeFi Riddler shared some key tips on how to claim the Arbitrum airdrop in a long thread of tweets. Within the thread, he emphasized the nature of the airdrop. He also talked about some of the steps supporters can take to increase their chances of eligibility.

The Arbitrum team did not share any information about the total value of the airdrop. However, according to DeFi Riddler, the airdrop is likely to be worth around $50,000 due to Optimism’s (OP) total $50,000 worth of airdrops. Additionally, the community can wait for Arbitrum to launch its token soon before the airdrop begins. Airdrop’s delivery time seems to be approaching. That’s why DeFi Riddler listed some possible eligibility criteria in a four-point analysis.


4 points to increase airdrop chances

The first point contains the Arbitrum Odyssey Campaign. It recommends that advocates participating in the Odyssey Campaign who have not yet claimed their NFTs connect their MetaMask wallets to Arbitrum to claim the token. Also, he gave a link on this topic. The claim period is between 18:00 on 28 June and 17:59 on 30 October (GMT+1).

However, participants who do not buy NFT need to go to Stratos NFT, an NFT marketplace on Arbitrum, to purchase a token. This will give them a role in the Arbitrum Discord channel. After purchasing or claiming NFT, backers need to bridge some of their ETH tokens from the Ethereum mainnet to the Arbitrum One Network. After a successful bridge, he recommends that advocates interact using dApps on the Arbitrum network for several transactions over several days. Meanwhile, transactions should not involve large funds.


Third, supporters need to prioritize completing Arbitrum quests on Discord. For this they will need a wallet and a Discord account. Funds ranging from $5 to $10 worth of ETH are enough to fulfill the tasks. Users who complete missions get rewards. It also increases their chances of getting the upcoming airdrop.

Finally, active participation in the Ethereum network is likely to increase one’s chances of receiving an airdrop. In this regard, he advises supporters to hold some ETH tokens regardless of the amount and participate in on-chian activities. Users are also able to vote on current proposals in the project’s snapshot.

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