2 Analysts Named 4 Altcoin Projects They Added To Their Baskets!

Erhan Ünal, a popular analyst in the Turkish crypto market, announced 3 altcoin projects that he added to his portfolio in a post he shared on 395 thousand Twitter followers on 3 December. On the other hand, crypto trader Paradotor “Enes Turan” with 753 thousand Twitter followers focused on the popular metaverse coin RACA in his tweets. cryptocoin.com We are now looking at the details of these shares.

Shared altcoin projects

Erhan Ünal, a popular analyst in the Turkish crypto market, announced the 3 altcoin projects he added to his portfolio on December 3, in his post to his 395 thousand Twitter followers. Erhan Ünal not only gave the names of the altcoins he added to his portfolio, but also announced at what cost he added it. The first of these altcoins is SLP and the price level at the time of its addition is $ 0.0520. The second altcoin project shared, BAR and Erhan Ünal added, cost $10.21. The last altcoin project shared by Erhan Ünal is ATM and its cost at the time it was added is $ 8.36. Noting that he added these coins, Ünal also said in the tweet: “I added it. I will update and share the portfolio list as the newly added assets affect my cost.”

On the other hand, Paradotor “Enes Turan”, a crypto trader with 753 thousand Twitter followers, highlighted the recently popular metaverse coin RACA in his tweets. In his first tweet on December 3, Turan said: “I gathered RACA from above. I didn’t get them all before the level I shared. We are equal. If the big stock market (Binance) news comes, I may have a target of 0.05. For your information,” he said. In addition, the tweet also included an extract showing the levels and amounts of transactions related to RACA. In a second tweet, he explained why he chose RACA:

Why did I choose RACA? No pre-sale. There will be no locked supply opening that will create selling pressure. Maximum supply is 444 billion(Continues to be burned every day), 189 billion in circulation. Locked tokens belonging to the team will not be unlocked for 3 years. Both BSC and Metevarse. An incredible Marketing network.

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