18th International METU Robot Days Begins!

The 18th International METU Robotics Days (UORG), organized by the METU Robotics Community at the METU Culture and Congress Center, begins on March 18. The event will continue for two days.

It is the biggest event of the METU Robotics Community, which has been working on robotic technologies and organizing various events in Turkey since its establishment in 2000. International METU Robot Days (UORG) starts on March 18. The event, held for the 18th time this year At METU Culture and Congress Center will happen.

The event, which has the distinction of being the first robotics competition in Turkey, elementary, high school and university level It is open to all participants and visitors from 7 to 70 who are interested in robotics.

A total of 120 thousand TL will be awarded in 6 categories.

A total of 120 thousand TL will be awarded to the winners among the participants in the competition, which will take place in 6 different categories at UORG. competition this year ‘Innovation’ ‘Auto Pilot’ ‘Computer Vision’ ‘Maze Solver’ ‘Garbage Collector’ and ‘Line Follower’ will consist of categories.

If you would like to learn more about the competition, prizes and all event details, you can visit the event’s official website by clicking here.

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