170.000 TL M2 Max Macbook Pro long usage test!

Apple’s own designed ARM-based processors have gained great popularity among users by combining low power consumption with high performance. The M2 Max processor takes Apple’s previous M1 processor even further, giving MacBook Pro users a faster and more efficient experience. In this video, we discussed the updated features of the MacBook Pro with the M2 Max processor and the benefits it provides to the user.

170.000 TL M2 Max Macbook Pro long usage test!


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MacBook Pro with M2 Max processor aims to exceed users’ expectations by offering 30 percent higher performance than the previous M1 Max. This processor comes with a larger GPU and up to 38 cores can be configured according to users’ needs. In addition, the M2 Max offers 400GBps, twice the combined memory bandwidth of the M2 Pro. Configurable with up to eight high-performance cores and up to four high-efficiency cores, its 12-core CPU provides up to 20 percent better performance than the M1 Max.

The M2 Max processor has an advanced artificial intelligence processor that makes the AI-based features of the MacBook Pro work faster and more efficiently. This processor can perform image recognition, natural language processing and other artificial intelligence tasks more quickly and accurately. Thanks to the M2 Max processor, users will be able to experience smarter and more interactive experiences by taking advantage of more advanced artificial intelligence features.

The new MacBook Pro models will feature high-quality displays and other advanced features that incorporate Apple’s latest technologies. This will provide users with a more immersive visual experience and further increase their functionality.

MacBook Pro with M2 Max processor is a higher performance device powered by Apple’s powerful processor technology.

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