15 Most Ridiculous Bans in Countries

Each country has its own bans that we can consider absurd. Today, we have listed the absurd bans in different countries, from China to Italy.

There are rules in our country that we can consider very strange. “It is forbidden to joke in this village.” Our country, which sees such jokes, is among the countries that can be considered consistent in such rules. Today, we have listed the interesting bans that have come into force in other countries.

In order for something to be banned in a country, it must be harmful, wrong, and disturbing to other people. In the prohibitions we have listed today, you may have serious difficulties in understanding why some of them are prohibited. Let’s take a closer look at the bans in countries now.

The most ridiculous bans of the countries

Reincarnation is illegal in Tibet without permission from the Chinese government.

Buddhist monks living in Tibet, according to the law that went into effect in 2007 He cannot reincarnate without permission from the Chinese government.

It’s a crime not to take your dog out in Rome.

dog walking

in Rome, the capital of Italy not taking your dog outside a crime that results in a fine. You can be fined up to $700 if you don’t follow the law, which we think is a very nice rule.

Masturbating is illegal in Saudi Arabia, with serious penalties.


Masturbation is a prohibited act by the government in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. While the penalty for masturbation in Indonesia is death (they are not executed, the maximum sentence is 32 months), so is Saudi Arabia. whipping and imprisonment.

Creating and sharing caps is illegal in Australia.


Taking important steps on copyright Creating caps is illegal in Australia due to copyright infringement. In cases where the rights of the creator of the content are disrespected, the person who made it is punished.

In Switzerland, it is forbidden to flush after 10 pm.


who cares too much about the peace in people’s lives Switzerland, on the grounds that it disturbed the peace of the city made such a rule.

It is illegal to change light bulbs in Victoria, Australia.


If you are not a certified electrician,To change the bulb, you need to call someone with this certificate.

Chewing gum is illegal in Singapore.


Of course, you may wonder why a chewing gum should be banned. It’s a bit silly in our opinion, but there are a couple of stories. The most well-known is the malfunction of the subway due to chewing gum thrown by a citizen and as a result millions of dollars of damage. However, this does not sound very realistic. Most It is logical that chewing gum causes environmental pollution in some places. is showing.

It is illegal to drive dirty cars in Russia.

dirty car

According to this rule valid in the Chelyabinsk Province of Russia face penalty as a result of driving a dirty car you can stay

It is illegal to scold dogs in Switzerland.


A dog in Switzerland, which is known for its importance to animal rights. It is forbidden to scold even if he is barking. We hope that the importance given to animal rights in a country where dogs are free just like people, will be shown in our other country and also in other countries.

Shirtless driving is illegal in Thailand.

driving shirtless

According to the shirt rule, which we can count as one of the strangest rules In Thailand, it is forbidden to drive with clothes such as t-shirts and athletes. If you are driving, you must wear a shirt.

Time travel is prohibited in China.

Return to the future

With strict rules against time travel Time travel is prohibited in China. Even the screening of such films is prohibited.

It is illegal to wear jeans in North Korea.

North Korea

To prevent North Koreans from emulating the west by wearing western clothes wearing jeans forbidden.

Baby walkers are banned in Canada.

baby walker

In Canada, we know it by the name of spider in our country. Baby walkers are prohibited. According to the decision that came into force in 2004, people who give these products to their children, which endanger the lives of babies and hinder their development, are fined 100 thousand dollars. It’s also punishable by 6 months in prison.

Surprise eggs are banned in the US.

Surprise egg

Any food containing toys for children Banned by the FDA. It is also a crime to bring these foods, which are banned on the grounds that they are harmful, into the country.

It was illegal to die in Lanjaron, Spain.

it is forbidden to die

Of all the rules, this is perhaps the strangest. When the cemeteries of Lanjaron in the past were full, new It was forbidden to die in the town until a cemetery was built. Of course, it cannot be said that the deceased did not care much about this rule.

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