15 Discounted Book Recommendations from Different Genres

In this list, we have compiled 15 successful books from different genres that will broaden your horizons and make you wonder how you turn the pages.

In the days when winter makes you feel better, we said that the best thing for these days is to read a book and we wanted to prepare a good book recommendation list. on the list in different typessuccessful, immersive, enlightening and 15 books that make sense we placed.

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15 enjoyable and successful book suggestions from different genres

Taboo – James George Frazer

Every society in the world, without exception, has customs, traditions, superstitions and meanings that are attributed to some concepts, some of which date back thousands of years, and some that have just emerged. Taboo, all these and invalid; even to concepts that sometimes harm people effects of the obligation to ‘respect’ It is a successful work that criticizes with a wonderful narration.

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In Praise of Animals – Michel de Montaigne

Almost everyone has heard of Montaigne’s Essays. Praise the Animals is part and focus of Essays. man’s superiority over animals; that you can do whatever you want on animals There is a widespread belief that But Montaigne adds a great perspective on this subject and repeatedly points out with examples and quotes that we are not actually superior to animals.

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A Universal History of Vile – Jorge Luis Borges

This work of Jorge Luis Borges, one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, tells us this story through the stories of some characters who are defined as ‘despicable’ for many cultures and societies. how meanness is intertwined with the system and tells how ‘despicableness’ is actually fed…

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The Bullying of the Majority – Alexis de Tocqueville

The Tyranny of the Majority, especially in modern democracies, where ‘passion for equality’ can become a threat to freedom and that, in time, it may give birth to societies governed by the brutal and dominant rules of the majority. telling; A successful work that offers a glimpse of the society of the 1830s to the present.

The French lawyer, philosopher, and historian Tocqueville mapped American society in his notes written more than a century ago. ‘this is officially today’s society’ He created a landscape that we can call…

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It Was Raining Flaky Butterflies – Charles Darwin

It was Flaky Butterflies Raining, containing notes from Charles Darwin’s long voyage on a British Royal Navy ship at a young age, one of the most brilliant scientists in our history. We are partners in the efforts to understand nature and human. It’s about his journey. While trying to understand what is going on around us with him, at the same time, journey full of adventures we are living again.

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The World’s Most Beautiful History – Andre Brahic & Paul Tapponnier & Jacques Girardon & Lester R. Brown

A journalist, a geophysicist, an astrophysicist and an environmental expert came together, from space to the structure of the earth, From the probability of life on Mars to the probability of earthquakes in Marmara they have written a great book in which they answer countless questions. While the book answers many questions about the universe with the help of experts, it also helps us to create a perspective from which we can better understand life.

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The Right to Sloth – Paul Lafargue

Tired of stopping and thinking, doing nothing, spending time without looking at a screen, feeling sad when you don’t rush somewhere, feeling like we’re not doing anything, always feeling like you have to achieve more As modern humans, don’t we have a right to be lazy? Written by Paul Lafargue in 1883, this work has now become inextricable. the story of our ‘slave lives’ he hits us in the face with a language with a lot of irony…

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Letter to the Unborn Child – Oriana Fallaci

“But I always asked myself that nasty question: What if you don’t like being born? What if one day you shout and blame me: Who told you to give birth to me? Why did you give birth to me, why?”…

In this book, we read the conversations of an abandoned woman with her child while she was still pregnant. being human, being a child, being a mother, being an individual We witness speeches that make us think about many concepts such as…

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In Praise of the Shadow – Cuniciro Tanizaki

One of the most important names of Japanese literature, Cuniçiro Tanizaki’s Ode to the Shadow, an increasingly modern and ‘global’ world. It describes its reflection in Eastern and Western cultures in a plain language through simple objects and behaviors.

“While pitch-dark adorns our fantasies, they clear even ghosts like glassWith countless sentences such as .

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Exploding Comets – Expressionist Tales

From leading expressionists such as Franz Held, Oskar Panizza and Paul Scheerbart to well-known names such as Gustav Meyrink, Franz Kafka and Robert Musil In this selection, which includes the stories of many authors, You will read a selection of stories that tell the stories of the poor, the oppressed, the mentally ill, and the marginalized in a completely different language.

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Great Masters of the Short Story

In The Great Masters of the Short Story, which is also a short story selection, many writers such as Oscar Wilde, Jack London, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, Mark Twain stories that you will enjoy reading you will find.

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A’mak-ı Hayal – Ahmet Hilmi from Filibe

In this work, which is accepted as the first philosophical and surreal novel of our literature, The character of Raci who wants to reach the truth We are reading about the surreal journey he embarked on for this cause.

To the Void Peak with Buddha, Mount Olympus, where the Greek gods are locatedto the battlefield of Hormuz and Ahriman, To the planet Merih on the back of SimurgRaci, who went to Mount Kaf and many other places, travels from land to land without knowing where it will end, while we are enjoying this journey with him; philosophy, religions, mythology and We try to understand life.

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Signal Officer – Charles Dickens

We have a book recommendation that you will read with excitement and anxiety; Signal Officer. Consisting of three stories Dickens told in the horror genre, The Signal Officer, with murders, ghosts and details where the real and the surreal come together. full. At the same time, the work, which is a mirror to this side of societies, eliminates the line between what is real and what is not, and raises many questions.

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Mortal Eggs – Mikhail Bulgakov

What will happen to us if power, knowledge and power are abused? Well, I know many of us have come up with some answers… Mortal Eggs is also an invention that has not been tested yet ‘have knowledge and get ahead of the enemy‘ tells the story of a scientist who is abused for his obsession.

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Shadow Over Inssmouth – HP Lovecraft

Our last suggestion is for those who love to read horror genre books, Lovecraft’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth, one of the authors who have managed to get their names on this subject in the history of literature. In this short story, which has inspired many works written after it and is considered a classic of the genre, we read about the frightening chain of events that a young person who ends up in a town encounters here. While all this is happening to the corruption and decay of humans and the collapse of modern society. The author offers insight.

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