15 Arabesque Rap Songs That We Came Before On Facebook for a Period

Do you remember the arabesque rap music genre, which became very popular especially between 2007-2012 and became popular with the adolescence of the generation born in the 90s? Let’s take a closer look at this genre of music.

Have you ever “Where are those old times?Did you say “? under the blanket How many of you missed the times when we went to warm up or play games freely on the streets? There are many details that make us search for those old times. Today, among these, we will remind you of a genre of music that most of us today want to forget and reject.

Every era has its own trends, and music is included in this trend. Once upon a time people they listened to arabesque, In the 90s, pop culture came to the fore and successful songs came out that were engraved in everyone’s memory. During this period, many genres of music came to the fore from time to time and gave way to another genre. There is a genre of music that emerged in this process and that a generation born between 1990 and 1997 listened to heavily during their secondary and high school years.

Type of music that somehow entered the lives of children born in the 90s: Arabesque rap

Today”What a teenager we had!We are talking about the type of “arabesque rap”, which we will say, which consists of the combination of rap music with arabesque. This genre, which is generally shot with amateur means and written on arabesque music rhythms, caused the agony of love that did not exist for a generation.

Today we’re going to take you back a bit. Although it’s a bit cringe right now We have compiled popular arabesque rap music that many people loved to listen to at the time. Meaningless photo galleries with songs, bleeding roses, songs sung with a lover through the microphone of a computer headset… Let’s take a look at some of the songs that come to mind when we say arabesque rap.

The indispensable sharing of arabesque rap pages on Facebook with its sad clip: Will the Girl I Love Be Someone Else?

One of the songs that are downloaded and listened to so that they do not eat from the quota when there is a quota internet: I Made Mistakes, I’m a Bad Person

The legendary piece that is enough to say “microphone of computer headset”: Esmer k. ft. Miss Tiky – Tears Flowing Through Me

The times when you can’t hide behind the auto tune and sing: Yan Heart Can’t Love Again

From the times when MSN was one of the most popular apps: Tell Him to Get Back to Me

Unlike other songs, the most listened song of a period that appeared on television channels: Musa ft. Gulsah – Pull Go Baby

Those who know this song with its flute sound in the background and its moving rhythm are really deep people: Dj Ates CGS Ft. Familia ToKaT – BeBek Gözlum

Let’s go back to the days when we used headphones and listened to the latest music in internet cafes, which we opened for 1 hour by paying 50 cents: Dj Akman – Like a Sapling

The version of Arabesque rap style blended with shouting: Cheeky Trouble – Getting Married With The Ring

A song we sent to the Winamp player just before entering the game in the internet cafe: Dj Akman Ft. Last Breath – First Time With You

One of the first songs that comes to mind when Arabesque rap is mentioned: Seda Tripkolic – I Miss the Green of Your Eyes

Since we started with Tripkolic, we should not skip the song “Gözleri Var Ya”: Seda Tripkolic – Gözleri Var Ya

We can say that Tripkolic has added a lot to the world of arabesque rap: Seda Tripkolic – Endless


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One of the unforgettable songs: Hayki – Who Loved You As Much As Me


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I seem to remember the conversations about the song “suss” at school: Fundy & By Casanova – This City Longing for You

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