$140M Stolen From Polygon (MATIC) Based Gaming Platform

Polygon (MATIC)-based blockchain game studio and NFT marketplace Vulcan Forged lost $140 million after being targeted by a hacker.

Hacker is one of the crypto wallets used on the platform. Private keys of 96 users seized and from wallets total 4.5 million Vulcan Forged native cryptocurrency PRY (approximately $140 million) rang. The company said that the hacking event that took place with the sharing it made was their responsibility and that they would cover the damages of the users.

Company CEO Jamie Thompson said in a statement on the hack:

The hacker attacked semi-custodial wallets, the service that Vulcan Forged provides its customers to manage their assets. The hack occurred from a vulnerability in Vulcan Forged, not from wallet provider Venly.

made statements.

Total holders of Vulcan Forged native cryptocurrency PRY, including exchanges, according to Etherscan data 6,501 wallets exists. With the total PRY stolen by the hacker 9% of the 50 million max supply managed to have it.

Thompson, in the video shared from the company’s social media accounts:

The thing is, someone hacked our servers. It captured the users’ Venly credentials and used that information to steal the private keys of MyForge users. To avoid such a problem in the future, we will no longer use anything but decentralized wallets.


Owned by the Vulcan Forged company, MyForge is an asset management tool that allows its users to view their assets.

Within Vulcan Forged, in addition to developing and publishing games on the play to earn model, a NFT market place and decentralized exchange (DEX) has.

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