14 Incentive Packages Coming for Local Software Developers

Gönül Kamalı, President of the Software Manufacturers Association (YASAD), talked about the package consisting of 14 incentives that will open the software industry in the country to the international market. Stating that the Ministry of Commerce may announce the package soon, Kamali gave information about the objectives of the incentives.

While thousands of people read or learn software every year in our country, not everyone can find a suitable job in the field. Software developers who cannot open to global markets from the country go directly abroad to do this. However, new incentives that will come into effect soon may make this an arbitrary choice rather than a necessity.

Gönül Kamalı, President of the Software Manufacturers Association (YASAD), talked about the new incentive plan that will enable the software industry in Turkey to gain a foothold in the global market. The plan with 14 critical incentives Expected to be announced this month.

100 exporting companies will benefit in the first place

YASAD President Gönül Kamalı, who stated that the 14 incentives currently in the signing phase could be announced by the Ministry of Commerce this month, gave brief information about the content of the plan. Stating that the package includes the e-Turquality system, which aims to increase competitiveness in the international market, a new pre-financing package and a special subsidy and investment incentive for exporters, Kamalı made the following statements about the plan:

“Pandemic brought the importance of software in Turkey and around the world to the center. Software is a human resource-oriented industry where talent and competence are in highest demand. There is a need for 250 thousand software developers across Turkey and our workforce going abroad is high. We must take measures to improve the labor market. Software export revenue of 3 billion dollars in 2020 It is possible to raise it to 10 billion dollars with the new incentive system.. 14 critical incentives, which are expected to be signed out of our Ministry of Commerce within a month, have been formulated to pave the way for the sector. The e-Turquality system for the software industry was established and in the first place To bring our 100 exporting companies together with e-Turquality. we are getting ready. We want to carry our export revenue, which exceeds 210 billion dollars, to very different points with the leverage of software exports.”


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Stating that there are major deficiencies in the currently available R&D and innovation incentives and that the incentives in the new package are easy to apply, Kamali added to his words. “With the new incentive comes a subsidy system for software exporters. Until now, there were R&D and innovation incentives among the existing incentives, but we see that we have a major deficiency in two areas. One was the pre-financing problem and the other was the lack of investment incentives for the sector that paved the way for the automotive sector. In the new package, we will see that steps have been taken to solve these problems. On the other hand, when we say why some plans and incentives are weak, we see that some legislations are insufficient. The package of 14 incentives will be easy to implement and measurable. Thus, we aim to increase the competitiveness of our domestic software industry in the global market.” he continued.

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