13th generation Intel Raptor Lake in performance test!

As Intel’s new generation processors begin to emerge, their performance is also a matter of great curiosity. Expreview just days before its release 13th generation Intel Raptor Lake has subjected the processor to performance testing.

Intel Raptor Lake faces its predecessor

Intel’s new 13th generation processor It is capped at a maximum of 3.8 GHz. That’s why the Expreview has the new processor for fair comparison. Core i9-12900KTested against . Both processors are equipped with Z690 motherboard, 32GB DDR5 5200MHz memory and GeForce RTX 3090 Founders Edition It was announced that it was put to the test with the graphics card.

Date set for Intel Raptor Lake! He will break records with his performance

When will the Intel Raptor Lake family be introduced? Here are the intriguing claims for Intel 13th Generation Raptor Lake models.

In the results 13th generation Raptor Lake It turned out that the processor is on average 20 percent faster than the 12th generation. In this performance increase, the new generation processor has an extra 8 savings-centered employees. E-Core cores thought to play an important role.

The 13th generation Raptor Lake ES CPU also compares to the older processor in the sensitivity test. 51.5 percentIt performed better until now. In most of the tests, the 13th generation processor 15 to 25 percent was found to be more successful.

However, in some areas such as Pov-Ray and Cinebench, 12th generation processor manages to surpass his successor. Alder Lake in this sense, Raptor Lake at some points 10 per cent and in greater proportions.

13th generation Raptor LakeThe fact that the tested instance of is limited may be a disadvantage for the processor in this regard. As proof of this play tests we can show that the 12th generation processor is more successful in most of them.

But already Intel’s new processor Let me remind you that it is too early to talk about Before it hits the market in October Raptor LakeWe know that will develop in many ways. Especially 3.8GHz The fact that it is limited to 10 prevents the new processor from showing its full performance.

It is useful to see the actual samples to see the real performance of the processor. So what do you think about Intel’s 13th generation processors? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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