13 new games announced for PlayStation VR 2

Sony continues its investments in the VR world. The company is expected to be officially introduced soon. 13 games for PlayStation VR 2 announced. These games include productions from different categories such as NFL Pro Era, Tetris Effect and Thumper.

13 new games on the way for PlayStation VR 2

Sony released a new generation of virtual reality glasses last year. PlayStation VR 2 had made the announcement. In 2022, the first games for PSVR 2 were introduced. In the last statement, 13 new games were introduced for PSVR 2.

There are remarkable productions in the new list of 13 games. One of them is one that allows players to interact with a collection of memories. Before Your Eyes it happened. The PSVR 2 custom build takes players on a journey through different memories and emotions, creating a unique and personal experience.

Sony announced: Here are the most downloaded PlayStation games!

Sony announced: Here are the most downloaded PlayStation games!

Sony announced the most downloaded PlayStation games last month. The list included popular PS4, PS5 and PS VR games.

Another game that will be popular with gamers is to put players in the boxing ring and experience the excitement of a real match in VR. Creed Rise to Glory: Championship Edition it happened. Similarly, Kayak VR: Mirage, which will take you on a journey in the ocean with VR, draws attention.

Featuring adventurous regions such as Antarctica and Australia, Ski VR appeals to those who love outdoor adventures. Here are 13 new games announced for PSVR 2:

  1. Before Your Eyes
  2. Creed: Rise to Glory Championship Edition
  3. Ski VR: Mirage
  4. NFL Pro Era
  5. Rez Infinite
  6. Tetris Effect
  7. Thumper
  8. War Thunder
  9. Wind and Leaves
  10. A-Tech Cybernetic VR
  11. The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets
  12. The Room VR: A Dark Matter
  13. Ultrawings Flat
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The PlayStation VR 2 glasses are expected to debut next February. According to Sony’s statement, the official PSVR 2 launch date is February 22, 2023. Let’s also mention that a waiting list has been created for PS5 owners who want to buy VR glasses.

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