10K Ether Transfer From Justin Sun To Poloniex: Is It Selling?

Justin Sun, the founder of the TRON (TRX) network and the adviser of Huobi, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Asia, transferred 10,000 Ethereum (ETH) to the crypto exchange Poloniex, which he owns.

On-chain analytics platform lookonchain via his social media account in sharing, Justin Sunfrom a wallet belonging to Poloniex‘to 16.1 million worth a dollar 10,000 Ether reported the transfer. According to the data, Justin Sun’s wallet is still around after the transfer. 360 million dollars worth 223,780 Ether exists.

Especially fireplace many cryptocurrency exchanges More than 10 major transfers This latest transfer by Justin Sun, who has made an important move, is mind-blowing considering the crypto money market, which has been in an upward trend for a while. “Is he selling?” It brought up the question again.

While Justin Sun has not made any statement on the subject, the fate of the assets in question is about the transfer. yet Unknown.

Coinecko According to the data, it has performed well since the beginning of 2023. Bitcoin (BTC) following Ethereumliving in the last 24 hours at the time of writing. 3.8% with an increase from $1,611 is being traded.

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