$100 Million Crypto Was Stolen: Here Are The Coins They Received

U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which took place in June 2022 Harmony identified the perpetrators of the hacking attack. The FBI confirmed that North Korean Lazarus Group and APT28 carried out the $100 million attack.

The FBI revealed that North Korean hackers used Railgun privacy protocols to launder $60 million worth of Ethereum.

“A portion of this stolen Ethereum was then sent to various virtual asset service providers and bitcoin(BTC)” is included in the details announced.

The FBI also found that while some of these funds were frozen (in coordination with some virtual asset service providers), the remaining Bitcoin was eventually moved to 11 designated addresses. The details of the statement included the sentence, “The FBI continues to detect and prevent the theft and laundering of virtual currency used to support North Korea’s ballistic missile and weapons of mass destruction programs.”

According to subject matter expert Kevin Bocek, by attacking Lazarus machine IDs, cryptocurrency A band known for playing.

“In describing the breach, Harmony presented evidence that its private keys, an essential component of machine identity, had been compromised, opening the door for Lazarus and allowing it to decrypt data and siphon funds. This shows the power of machine identities falling into the wrong hands.”

Bocek also explained that Venafi’s research shows that attacks from North Korean threat groups are often financial.

“Cybercrime has become an important cog in the survival of Kim’s dictatorship, enabling North Korea to evade international sanctions and fund weapons programs,” the security expert added.

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