10 Years of Satellite Images Showing the Change of Cities

As humanity develops and multiplies, the damage it causes to nature continues to increase undeniably, and unfortunately we all witness this. The forests we burned and destroyed, the vast plains we built concrete and many more…

While all this happens over time, many of us are unaware of the damage we have done. Today it is difficult to notice 1 tree cut down But those trees will one day make a huge forest. can destroy. Moreover, you may not notice this problem that occurs over time.

When you enter Google Earth and look at the change in the area you live in over the years, you can face the facts. Because the population in many provinces of our country continues to increase day by day.

The cities with the highest population growth in 2021 are as follows;

  1. Istanbul
  2. Ankara
  3. Antalya
  4. Bursa
  5. Kocaeli
  6. Tekirdag
  7. Izmir
  8. Gaziantep
  9. Sanliurfa
  10. Konya
  11. Myrtle
  12. Mugla
  13. Sakarya
  14. Canakkale

A lot has changed in these provinces over time. Let’s take a look at the comparison of the years 2010-2020.

Let’s start with Istanbul, the most populated city in our country.

The situation is not much different in Ankara, our capital city.

We also see new roads and expanding concrete blocks in Antalya.

Bursa’s 10-year change reveals how squeezed the inhabitants of the city are.

When we look at Kocaeli, you can see that there is a big change around Izmit.

Another province with the highest population growth is Tekirdağ. Because we can clearly see the effects of this increase in population.

Compared to other provinces, the change seems a little less in İzmir, doesn’t it?

Do you remember that in the fire that broke out in Menderes district of Izmir in 2020? 430 hectares of forest area was burned. You can see the huge void left behind by the fire in Google Earth images (below) taken in the same year.

The population growth in Gaziantep is clearly understood from the increase in the number of buildings in the city.

In Şanlıurfa, on the other hand, we see new urbanization in new regions.

It seems like there are more green spaces in Konya in 2020…

In Mersin, one of the most beautiful cities of our coastline, the settlements have expanded a bit.

In Muğla, on the other hand, we see that green areas are decreasing in some places. Moreover, these images were before the fires in many parts of the city in 2022…

In and around Sakarya, new roads and new settlements were built.

And the situation is no different in Çanakkale, our last city.

Our country is a developing country that frequently receives and receives immigrants. Our population is almost to 85 million has reached. For this reason, it is quite natural to build new settlements. However, in these images given to nature by human hand and knowingly We see the damage. When we look at it in real terms, unfortunately, we cannot see most of this damage or we don’t see. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to look at the city we live in from 10-15 years ago and witness the change we live in and learn from it.

Since there are only images up to 2020 in Google Earth, we could not include satellite images showing the current state of cities. Who knows, maybe after 15 years, when we look at these images, we won’t even be able to see green areas. For this reason now step on the grass while you can and turn off your electricity.

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