10 Websites to Use to Calm Down

We all go through stressful and difficult days from time to time. Naturally, we also resort to the Internet, which is one of the easiest ways to distract ourselves or have fun. That’s why our 10 website suggestions that will help you pass the time and relax a little bit are waiting for you in the rest of our content.

Everyone needs visual and auditory things that they want to be a distraction from time to time. we feel stress and worry These kinds of things, which help to relax our minds by reducing

If you want to take a break from the busy agenda we all experience together, to calm down and it will distract you websites You can check our list. You can access the sites by clicking on the titles.

Sites you can use to distract yourself and calm down:

A site made for making and sharing great pictures out of sand. Art, creativity and you will see on the home page that it promises relaxation. Let us remind you that you will need Flash Player support to use it.


You can immerse yourself in the world of colors with minimum effort. Visually very satisfying. art Let’s say it’s a website. It also has an app that you can use on your phone.


The site where you can create a galaxy using colors is very interesting and really quite interesting when you spend some time. it calms.

soft murmur

Make your own calming using some of the sounds given here your melody you can create. Everything gets more fun as you explore the sounds. Natural sounds such as rain, storm and waves help you.


The songs or music you listen to interactively image An application that you can use to make Turn on a song and sit back without taking your eyes off the screen.


This is one of the places that calms you with music. You can create by hovering your mouse over the tiles. sounds It’s very enjoyable to listen to.


In our childhood, when the opportunities created by technology were very limited, tetris It was one of the greatest games for us. Now something from the ancients helps us to calm down.

liquid particles

This site also stands out as a visual site. Many little balls that follow it according to your mouse movement to relax and helps you clear your mind.


We all love to pop the protection balloons that come out of the boxes. On this site they the game still exists.

lets draw

You start the game on the site and try to make the simple drawing given to you within 20 seconds. Desired is sometimes helicopter sometimes it’s a pool, sometimes it’s a swan. An outside voice predicts every time you draw.


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We hope that these sites that we have chosen from among the billions of things on the Internet will distract your mind a little. to calm down might help. If there are new addresses that you use privately and that help you relieve your stress, you can share them in the comments section.

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